Celebrated for its service in the realm of creativity, innovation, and design, the National Institute of Design is an autonomous public design institute disseminated across several parts of IndiaAhmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Vijayawada and many more. These institutes are deemed to be the most accomplished institutes for design and creativity. It is said to give a heads up to one’s career once being associated with these institutes. 

NIDs are recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under the Ministry of Science and Technology, the government of India, as a scientific and industrial design research organisation.

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Hostel | National Institute of Design

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Due to the large intake of and to provide ease to the students, the institute offers hostel facilities for boys and girls. This facility is available for undergraduate students at the Paldi campus and postgraduates at the Gandhinagar campus. They approximately accommodate around 450 – 200 students. Even though the Bangalore campus is a non-residential campus, they do make arrangements for students as per the need; near the campus for an easy commute. If for any reason, the hostel facility is not convenient for the students, they can make their arrangements. 

The priority for the hostel is for the outstation students. The students who choose to stay at the hostel must follow the rules and regulations. The warden in each hostel looks after the safety of the hostel. The hostel provides a safe atmosphere for the students. 

Health Care 

The health and safety of the students are a priority of the administration at NIDs. Each campus has a dispensary for the health and safety of the people on the campus. A doctor is available for the given time frame but there is no hospitalisation facility on the campus. Mediclaim is compulsory during the admission of a student and all the payments of the dispensary are to be borne by the students. 

In case of poor health, the student must inform the warden for necessary help. If needed, the student can be rushed to the hospital. The student can also stay at the local guardians’ place but this must be informed to the warden in advance. 

Criteria for Entrance

Like most other institutes, one has to undergo few examinations for entrance in these reputed institutes. Students have to appear for NID Design Aptitude Test Prelims, a two-tier examination with one prelim and mains. NID DAT Prelims is a written exam with both subjective and objective questions. It takes place in the first week of January every year. This is followed by a studio test or mains with audiovisual questions and an interview round at the end. These exams test a candidate’s ability to work under pressure, skills, and behavioural abilities. 

Types Of Courses Offered

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The first year is common for everyone where students have to deal with several subjects. The course is designed to help strengthen a design perception, understand the multidisciplinary nature of design with culture, environment, and emotions. The first year entails subjects like basic design, liberal arts, and much more. It is the second year where they have a choice to select their preferred stream where they can specialize. While different NIDs have a variety of courses, the goal of giving quality education to students remains the same. NID Ahmedabad has 8 Bachelor’s degree programmes and 7 masters. A Ph.D. programme of 5 years has been introduced at the Ahmedabad campus. NID Gandhinagar has 7 master’s programmes and NID Bangalore has 5 masters programmes of 2.5 years.

NID Ahmedabad offers courses like Furniture design, product design, interior design, animation film design, graphic design, ceramic design, exhibition design, textile design and much more.

NID Gandhinagar offers New media design, photography, strategic media management, apparel design, toy, and game design. 

NID Bangalore offers Universal design, Dame design, Interaction design, Information design. 

Career Options After Completion Of College | National Institute of Design

While a student has a bunch of options to choose from, some students consider pursuing higher education abroad, some go for a job to explore the corporate world and then go for personal practice, some even go for their own startup. It is clear that education from this prestigious institute opens your door to a variety of options. 

Students often get placement opportunities from their specialized industry. Multidisciplinary education is celebrated everywhere and keeps the students one step ahead. However, career options are more of a personal choice and highly depend on the students.

Campus life And Facilities 

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Being a design committed institute, the spaces in the institute are designed carefully keeping the aesthetic and comfort in mind. The campuses are lush green, serene, alluring, and peaceful in the centre of the city. The campus provides various facilities for the convenience of the students and also entertainment of the students. Due to the pertinent location of the institute, students can find all the required stores nearby.

Dining Facility

Each hostel has a mess that is run by the institute on a contractual basis. There is a committee for the mess that oversees the operation and notes the demands of the students. The menu is based on the preference of the majority of students. The students have to pay for the mess in advance at the beginning of the semester. The food is scrumptious and the importance of nutrients and a healthy diet are kept in mind. 

Extra-curricular Activities

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The NIDs promote a healthy learning environment but also concentrate on extracurricular activities. The students’ activity committee – SAC (non-political and non-administrative body) is a social-cultural organization to promote student-friendly services of sports and any other interests. The students contribute some funds and hence the expenses are met. This committee also deals with other committees to plan various social and cultural events for the students and maintain and stimulate the environment. Each campus has facilities for indoor and outdoor games.


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NIDs celebrate culture, race, a festival with enthusiasm as it caters to the crowd from all over the nation. The students learn compassion and sensitivity towards other’s beliefs. Each NID has a grand Monsoon Fiesta which is an amalgamation of sports, arts, and creative events. Each NID has a grand celebration for the renowned festival of the stateNavratri in Ahmedabadbut they also celebrate other festivals with enthusiasm. They also have an active film club, music room for music and film lovers. 

Study Environment And Student Life | National Institute of Design

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The student life on the campus is always pleasurable. As the campus has students from all over the world, the days are refreshing and students get to interact, learn, and keep themselves inspired from the crowd encircling them. It is the first year when you have trouble fitting in however the interesting subjects and people help you through it. Students get to explore a lot of things in the first year like drawing, paint, woodcarving, craft, films, culture, and much more. The second year is when students choose their specialized field. 

The students provoke each other to do better and ignite their curious minds. The seniors are accommodating and would get to know you. NID encourages you to become inquisitive, have a thirst for wonder and discovery, and fuel the thought process without you even knowing it. The stories of other students and their experiences encourage others to be better people. The difference in culture makes you aware of art, life and the hardships students have faced. 

By the time students graduate from here not only are they highly creative and compassionate but they also learn to respect mankind which is what we all can hope for. Students are ready to take on challenges that help not only in academic development but also prepare them for the real world. 

As far as the work environment goes, students strive for perfection and often achieve it. Professors are often around to help and try their level best. The seniors help students when needed and the campus is like a huge family where everyone has got your back when needed. The campus has beautiful spaces to studythe lush green lawn, the delightful classroom, the canteen, the library. The library is filled with interesting books, movies, and magazines for students to devour. Students find knowledge and inspiration in every nook and that is what education at NID is all about

Counselling | National Institute of Design

It is seen from time to time that students struggle with mental health issues, disorders, or unhealthy addictions in the pressure of studies, peer pressure, or some unknown issues. The least an institute can do is help in every way possible so that the issues don’t get more acute. These institutes offer professional counselling for students and the needy. The counsellors are available when needed, however, a prior appointment is advisable. 

In conclusion, students from NID develop a strong sense of design and creativity. The education here encourages you to learn more with the welcoming environment and helpful faculty as well as students. Students often describe their time here as a beautiful memory close to their hearts. NID welcomes the students with a warm heart and teaches them to strive for betterment.


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