A jet-setting DJ, record producer and songwriter, Anton Zaslavski, better known by his stage name Zedd, is one of the most famous faces in the EDM industry. But when is not at work, Zedd prefers to spend his time in the recluse of his multi-million dollar mansions, a habit shared by almost all celebrities. One thing that is unique about Zedd is that instead of hiring professionals to decorate his homes, he has taken upon the task himself, making his spaces that much more personalised. 

In this article, we will take an inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd.

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet1

1. Hollywood Hills, California

One of the first houses bought by Zedd, all the way back in 2014, the 3,443 square foot mansion is located in Outpost Estate in Hollywood Hills, California. The mansion,  which cost him 3.9 million dollars, boasts of having four bedrooms with each having an en-suite bath, five bathrooms, two fire pits, a wine cellar, a heated saltwater pool, and also an eight-camera security system. 

The interiors are sleek and modern, a style that is preferred by Zedd, and the overall house looks just as laid back and calm as the owner himself. There has been heavy use of wood in the house, for floorings, like furniture and also for the walls. The living space has an open plan, with a well-equipped kitchen, a fairly sized dining table, and comfortable couches and chairs, and this opens up the wrap-around deck around the pool, with lounge chairs and other outdoor furniture. 

On the other side of the pool, the living room opens up the outdoor fire pit with chairs surrounding it.  The master has been quaintly decorated, with a neutral colour scheme and a private balcony overlooking the greenery surrounding the property. The en-suite has the same colour scheme and is luxurious in having both a huge shower cubicle and a bathtub. 

Overall, the house is well worth the price and captures the epitome of modern design. The house is currently not in use but has not been listed either.

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet2
(2A)(The 3.9 Million House In Hollywood Hills)(@edmspace.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet3
(2B)(The Quaint Kitchen With An Island)(@edmsauce.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet4
(2C)(The Living Area With Soft And Wooden Furnitures)(@edmsauce.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet5
(2D)(The Pool With A Wrap-around Deck)(@edmsauce.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet6
(2E)(The Fire Pit Area In The Backyard)(@edmsauce.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet7
(2F)(The Master Bedroom With A Private Balcony)(@edmsauce.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet8
(2G)(The Luxurious Master Bathroom With Voews To The Outside)(@edmsauce.com).jpg

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet9

2. Beverly Hills, California

Zedd’s latest purchase was done in 2018, when he grew out of his previous house because of his famous friends crashing there all the time, and also because he needed a music studio. Zedd splurged 16 million dollars on the 9,341 square foot residence located near the top of Benedict Canyon Drive, and decorated the interiors himself, taking inspiration from different architectural websites. 

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet10
(3A)(The Luxurious 16 Million Dollar Mansion At Beverly Hills)(@dirt.com).jpg

The whole house has been divided into three separate sections – the working area, the living area and the sleeping area. The working area consists of the four-car private garage that has been converted into a music studio, and an indoor-outdoor gymnasium above it. The main entrance to the house is from the living area, where a pathway with water bodies on both sides of it leads to a huge wooden door that opens on both sides. 

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet11
(3B)(The Moat-like Entrance To The Mansion)(@dirt.com).jpg

The entrance foyer contains an olive tree around which the whole house was built. From there are the steps that lead to the living area. There is a wall with wooden cabinets where silly memorabilia along with all of Zedd’s awards are displayed. The kitchen has all the best appliances that include four ovens and a breakfast bar with built-in Hitachi grills, and it opens up to the living room. 

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet12
(3C)(The Display Cabinet With Sitting Spaces)(@architecturaldigest.com).jpg

The living room has floor-to-ceiling glass windows that make use of the views around the property, and also a fireplace surrounded by couches and also a small dining table and also a table for playing games. The tiles used in the backyard and the living room are the same and with huge glass pocket doors that can be hidden in the walls, the place is the epitome of indoor-outdoor living. The backyard has a huge infinity-edge swimming pool that is always maintained at a certain temperature and has a built-in Jacuzzi in it. 

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet13
(3D)(The Kitchen With High Quality Appliances)(@architecturaldigest.com).jpg

The guest rooms have direct access to the pool deck, and this style is reminiscent of resorts and hotels. The staircase is enclosed in a gallery space that has huge windows to let light in. The whole first floor is dedicated to a huge master suite which consists of a fireplace that is exactly above the one in the living room, a private outdoor patio, an en-suite master bathroom and separate walk-in closets for clothes and shoes. 

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet14
(3E)(The Formal Dining Room)(@architecturaldigest.com).jpg

The house also has very unique features like an outdoor fire pit, water features at all the different entrances to the houses, a Skittles machine with Zedd’s logo on it, shower curtains with self-timer, vacuum below the cupboards in the kitchen that suck in all the waste, a television in the outdoor patio attached to the master bedroom and a Lego-art installation in the walls that is a tiny night-club. 

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet15
(3F)(The Living Room With A Fireplace)(@dirt.com).jpg

The 3.2 acres estate also has sprawling greens with space to build a 7,000 square foot guest house or bowling alley in the future. The house is sleek and modern with clean-cut sharp edges and is a collage of wood, concrete and glass.

An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet16
(3G)(The Swimming Pool With A Built-In Jacuzzi And Access To Guest Bedrooms)(@architecturaldigest.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet17
(3H)(The Gallery-like Staircase With A Waterbody Near It)(@architecturaldigest.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet18
(3I)(The Master Bedroom In The First Floor)(@architecturaldigest.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet19
(3J)(The Private Patio In The Master Suite)(@dirt.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet20
(3K)(The En-suite Bathroom In The Master Suite)(@architecturaldigest.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet21
(3L)(Zedd With His Skittles Machine)(@twitter.com).jpg
An inside look at all the houses owned by Zedd Sheet22
(3M)(The Lego Art Installation)(@buzzfeed.com).jpg

The two houses currently owned by Zedd are similar in their sleekness and modernity, and maybe he will add on to this list shortly.


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