21. Translucent spaces by Batlab Architects 

Location – Budapest, Hungary 

Area – 30 sq. m. 

Description – This studio apartment was totally destroyed, but the partition walls were left standing. The entrance, living-dining room, and sleeping cabin are all formed by the separate kitchen-bathroom block. Unique furniture was installed to make the most of the available space. HTC superfloor concrete was used uniformly in the apartment instead of floor tiling. Curtain systems that enable symbolic separation by shifting the textiles mark zone boundaries. The softness of the textiles and walnut in the furniture softens the puritan appearance of the white spaces and concrete surface.


22. AP 1211 by Alan Chu

Location –  Brazil 

Area – 25 sq. m. 

Description – The apartment is divided into two floors. The crates made of autoclaved pinewood and vibrant interiors are ideal for this reason, and when assembled in a seemingly random pattern, they add a fun atmosphere to the room. The crates are used in the pantry, bathroom, and living room, and one of them, suspended in space, conceals the existing framework of the mezzanine accessible through a metal ladder , thus providing a transition between floors. The furniture of the apartment plays on the transience of the moment: a time of transitions, experimentation, and rearrangement. 


23. Studio Brasilia 27 by Fabio Cherman 

Location – Brasilia, Brazil 

Area – 27 sq. m.  

Description – Multifunctional furniture made in Italy was used in the designing of this apartment. The specially built furniture components included a folding bed that overlaps the couch, a folding table mounted over a movable wall, a secondary bed, and stackable chairs. Sergio Rodrigues modelled the Diz armchair and the Mocho bench, which give the room a distinct personality. The tile panel was created specifically for this room by artist Joo Henrique and compares with the more neutral tones used. The lighting, which was also designed by the architect, makes the room more comfortable and allows for the production of various scenes depending on how it is used.


24. Biombombastic by elli  

Location – Madrid, Spain 

Area – 24 sq. m. 

Description – The apartment is a repurposed version of an old flat in Madrid’s centre. The entire programme is clustered and organised into an L-shaped band on two sides, which includes the entrance to the household, the outer façade walls, a folding bed, storage space, a full refrigerator, a fold-down auxiliary table, access to the toilet, and the washing machine. It optimises spatial distribution and compresses all functions. A wall-mounted deployable panel provides various domestic configurations.


25. Architectural (Dis)Order by Corpo Atelier 

Location – Quarteira, Portugal 

Area – 30 sq. m. 

Description – The apartment is an open white box with three individually arranged yellow objects in various configurations. The tenant’s movement is inextricably linked to the box’s boundaries and the location of these items. The pieces are metaphorically similar to architectural elements such as columns, plinths, and architrave, which evoke the experience of a gallery space.

These objects appear to establish a spatial order in the otherwise walled-off apartment by identifying borders and specifying regions simply by being present.


26. New York City’s Caramel Place 

Location – New York City 

Area – 264 sq. ft. 

Description – Carmel Place, designed by Brooklyn-based nArchitects, is located in Manhattan’s Kip’s Bay neighbourhood and features 55 studios ranging in size from 260 to 360 square feet. Twenty-two of these were known as subsidised homes, 14 for city applicants and eight for Veteran’s Affairs transitional housing. The project has been an exercise in productivity from start to finish, with the modular units prefabricated in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and then trucked to the site and assembled—all nine floors—in just four weeks. Carmel Place apartments are light and airy, with 9-foot-plus ceilings and lofted storage to keep floors and surfaces clutter-free.


27. Boston’s Factory 63 

Location – Boston
Area – 374 sq. ft. 

Description – Previously an old shoe factory in Boston’s Fort Point neighbourhood, the apartment is now an artistic living place for artists and architecture enthusiasts. Its interior features brick walls, steel-framed windows, and antiqued-wood ceiling beams. Despite the dark and bulky materials used, these tiny apartments have a vivid and sleek appearance.The live/work facilities provide a lot under one roof, not to mention the rooftop deck with panoramic views of Boston.


28. Washington DC’s Moda 17 

Location – Washington DC

Area – 355 sq. ft. 

Description – These brand new condos have a common address in the chic neighbourhood of Adams Morgan. Floor of Oak hardwoods and contemporary architecture compliment each apartment’s focus: sleek, innovative European kitchens. The remainder of the apartment maximises square footage with built-in doors such as pocket doors and plucking beds. The special feature of the Moda 17 is that each unit has its own room on the rooftop. Residents maintain their own furniture in the courtyard that allows fresh air to come in and a view of the city.


29. Denver’s Turntable studios 

Location – Denver
Area – 339 sq. ft. 

Description – In one of Denver’s most recognisable buildings, Turntable Studios once was an old hotel adjacent to Mile High Stadium.These apartments  house, Julian balconies, designer floors and many new facilities. Dual-tones, bright kitchens are aptly paired with these well built spaces’ punchy palettes of colour. Moreover, with its cylindrical shape, all the apartments are either overlooking the mountains or the skyline. An outdoor pool and penthouse lounge are available for the tenants.


30. Seattle’s Cubix Apartments  

Location – Seattle
Area – 225 sq. ft. 

Description – Located in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Seattle, these small apartments with a high-priced look are incredibly cheap . Here, the residents have compact kitchens, integrated warehouse, deck-to-floor windows and hardwood floors. There is a roof to barbecue and lounge with visitors, and people from all 27 units are well accommodated in it.



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