Although minimalism is a design movement in object design, it takes on a whole new sense for people who move to a big city in search of a minimalist apartment that they can not only love but can also afford. To avoid overcrowding, a tiny apartment must have everything in its proper place, and certain things must remain in the same place. The few square meters of floor space offered must be meticulously planned to maximize the available space. The challenge that arises when designing such small apartments is to design and build lightweight, multifunctional, and innovative joinery and furniture solutions that make for quickly transforming spaces. Designing strategic cabinets, bookcases that appeal to a scarcity of storage space, sliding furniture on rails or pulleys, cabinets that turn into beds when turned, and so on are examples of such ventures.

As city property prices skyrocket, the trend for micro-apartments, which range from a 13 square meter crash pad to a flat with a home cinema, has grown significantly. The important questions to consider when constructing these ever-small spaces are: how to make the most possible use of the available space? How can you create a project that caters to all of the things that take place in the space? How do you save space?

Here are the world’s 30 tiniest apartments that have interesting options for small spaces –

1. Holiday studio apartment 

Location – South Kensington, London
Area – 140 sq. ft. 

Description – This small apartment with a minimalist interior design consists of high gadgets that make one forget about its lack of space. The bed is elevated above the floor and accessible with a ladder, providing an additional living room underneath it.

2. Manhattan micro-studio

Location – Upper Westside Manhattan
Area – 90 sq. ft. 

Description – This cosy microstudio is cleverly organised to enhance its function. It has a tall bed almost touching the ceiling and a small, often not comfortable bathroom.

3. Hong Kong, 4 square feet apartment 

Location – Hong Kong
Area – 4 sq. ft. 

Description – The room is $167 a month in rent for this cage capacity. These rooms have often housed single men who depend on government assistance in the region. There is a common bathroom with two stalls, and a shower for this so-called home, which is a third toilet. The dressing is cleaned in buckets and the kitchen seems to be just a sink.


4. London’s 60 square feet apartment 

Location – London
Area – 60 sq. ft. 

Description – In reality, this small apartment is a converted broom closet, no really, sometime someone has discovered they can make a fast buck and sell it as a home! The owner tried not only to move but also to move into a 600-year-old castle, to sell it.


5. Manhattan’s 78 square feet apartment 

Location – Manhattan
Area – 78 sq. ft. 

Description – This apartment is rented by a college student . In order to make it livable, he planned and made his own 2×4’s transformer furniture to make the most of a narrow room. It’s only slightly broader than the corridor with a high ceiling , he pays $800 a month for rent, at a lower price than shared homes in the same city,with a careful , aware lifestyle.

It is a balanced compromise: it has a bathroom that is shared with three other tenants on the same floor and has a small refrigerator without a kitchen surviving on the microwave based food diet.

6. Paris, 86 square feet apartment 

Location – Paris
Area – 86 sq. ft. 

Description –This space was planned by Kitoko Studio in mind the ‘vision of a Swiss army knife,’ and was able to bring into this small room all of the features of a full apartment. Many of the amenities of the apartment are covered with floral cupboards. A staircase rises from the lower armchair and leads to a sliding door compartment which contains a single bed. The cloakroom is located in the bookcase next to the cabinet and is available if necessary. It also has a small dining table which slides from below the bedroom and two stools stored below it for use. A small kitchenette with a washer and a large bathroom with a shower are both included in the suite.


7. Paris, 130 square feet apartment 

Location – Paris
Area – 130 sq. ft. 

Description – This apartment is a multifunctional living space, complete with an inside kitchen, bedroom, living room and desk. The living area can be converted into a bedroom as needed by dragging it out of the kitchen area.


8. Poland’s 140 square feet apartment 

Location – Poland
Area – 140 sq. ft. 

Description – This compactly planned apartment, designed by Szymon Hanczar has been furnished with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area, and wardrobe. It is intended for people who like town life and most probably eat outdoors, because there are no kitchen facilities, even though there is a small sink, a coffee machine, a fridge, and a preparing room.  The hammock as a sofa bed, a high-service store shelf for Hanczar’s bike keeps the living room clutter-free.

Following the upward push, the room sits in a traditional lounge on top of the bathroom, kitchenette, and wardrobe, which also has an escalator and can be pushed side by side.The storage area under the bedroom is also large enough for a small laundry machine and clothes hanging on the side of the washing machine.


9. China’s 107 square feet apartment 

Location – China 

Area – 107 sq. ft. 

Description – A 92-year-old man and his son are housing this micro-appartement as the only property they have to afford. It has been compactly built for public toilets in the hall and with a personal kitchen and washing facility. The single unit apartment strategy in Chinese buildings is repeated on several levels to ensure sustainable housing for the poor in the region.


10. Versailles by Catseye Bay

Location – Sydney, Australia 

Area – 36 sq. m

Description – Located in an art deco building in the heart of Sydney’s inner east, this daring studio was built by Sarah Jamieson, Director of Catseye Bay design studio. She came to the brief in a transparent exploratory process,  and let possibilities unfold before bringing these ideas through model-making and prototyping in-situ.

The studio serves as a one-bedroom living space, complete with a small kitchen, a toilet, and a bath. There is space to relax, read, sleep, look out, step out of the bathroom and into a generous ‘dressing room’ space, cook and talk, and windows that look out into the street. Wood, bricks, painted surfaces, and fabrics have been deliberately selected to bring the guest in close, to create fire, lightness, and peace.

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