Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is the daughter of renowned Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor. Sonam herself is a Bollywood actor as well as a fashion icon in India. She is married to businessman Anand Ahuja. A close association with art and India has led Sonam to experiment and execute extravagant styles and techniques of interior décor for her home. Sonam and Anand Ahuja own a massive mansion in Delhi and a beautiful home as well as a studio in London. In an exclusive interview with AD Design, Sonam has revealed various products and finishes used in her London home and studio. Let’s take an inside look at the houses owned by Sonam Kapoor, and how she has managed to carve an ideal space for herself and her husband. 

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Sonam in her dining room with its tropical de Gournay wallpaper and gold Mass table by Tom Dixon_© Simon Upton

The Delhi Mansion:

The couple owns a huge mansion in a posh locality of Delhi. The mansion follows a typical English-style layout. A central atrium provides access to the surrounding rooms. The mansion is accompanied by a massive green lawn. The mansion is loaded with top-notch Scandinavian-style interior design elements. All the rooms are pure white with natural wood furniture and other darker tones that visually neutralise the colours and provide a soothing ambience to the home.

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Anand Ahuja with his Delhi Mansion in the backdrop_© GQ India

The private bedroom of Sonam and Anand Ahuja follows an all-white theme. All the walls and curtains for the centrally placed bed are pure white. The light from the bedside glass lamps throws a beautiful texture on these plain walls giving the room a dreamy ambience. The dining room consists of a dining table decorated with golden-coloured long candles and various flowers. The décor for the table gives the dining room a rich look and the ratan finish chairs add to the beauty. The mansion also consists of a library room with high-back reading chairs and bookshelves made of natural wood. It is these minor touch-ups that provide a homely feeling to the mansion.

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Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor in their all-white bedroom of the Delhi mansion_© GQ India

The London Apartment:

Besides the massive mansion in Delhi, the couple also own and stay at their London Apartment located in a fashionable neighbourhood of Notting Hill. Unlike the mansion in Delhi, the apartment in London is heavily equipped with all kinds of artistic elements. In the interview with AD Design, Sonam Kapoor explains how she has attempted to add more Indian touches to the spaces with the help of an authentic range of elements crafted in various parts of India. This would give her a more homely feeling despite being miles away from her homeland.

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In Sonam’s drawing room, the Calanque coffee table is by Charles Zana, sourced from the Invisible Collection, while the Mediterraneo side table by the window is Allegra Hicks, and the green pouffes are Rose Uniacke. The yellow sofa is by Knoll. The sconces on the wallpaper are Lianne Gold by Ralph Pucci and the silver elephants were passed down from Sonam’s mother-in-law_© Simon Upton

The theme of every room is set by the vibrant and colourful wallpapers that display the vintage culture and richness of India. The wallpapers complement the simple yet colour-coordinated furniture in each room. The entire apartment is designed with a Bohemian Style of Interior. Everything from the wallpapers to the curtains, sofas to the cushions, rugs to the corner tables have an Indian touch. All these elements are crafted by artists who specialise in their respective sectors of Interior Design. Sonam Kapoor teamed up with Interior Stylists Rooshad Shroff and Nikhil Mansata. These designers specialise in imagining and curating artistic spaces for their users and hence, they were a perfect match for a home loaded with State-of-the-Art elements.

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The dressing room doors were carved by artisans in Mumbai and inset with vintage flower paintings from Paris antique dealer Cecilia Lahaye_© Simon Upton

The London Studio:

Unlike her home in London, Sonam Kapoor imagined her studio to be much simpler, minimal, and have a more modern look and feel. The studio consists of lighter colour tones, artistic furniture and a subtle ambience throughout. Despite being close to her home, Sonam wished to have a calmer appearance in the studio for a professional experience. She has managed to distinguish the two spaces brilliantly by just changing the interior elements. It also shows how she desires to keep her home spaces intimate and her workspaces friendly for everyone to use.

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In the foreground of Sonam’s studio-cum-exhibition space are a Pierre Jeanneret stool (left) and chair from Studio Bijlani, while the voluptuous sofa is by Pierre Augustin Rose. In the curtained dressing area, a mirror by Gubi is used for Sonam’s fittings; the Tulle dress is by Molly Goddard. On the right is a Rana Begum spray-paint on paper titled No. 982 Painting (2020); on the left is a 2019 textile collage by Shezad Dawood, titled NAB II_© Simon Upton

Like the wallpapers in her home, the studio is decorated with colourful paintings on plain walls. Sonam has opted for an open plan, where she would be able to work along with her staff. The studio is divided into multiple levels where the top level is for her husband, Anand Ahuja and the lower levels are her workspaces. The studio is equipped with a trial room, reading room, discussion areas and other private spaces. The planning has been done efficiently along with elegant and state-of-the-art elements.

With an inside look at the properties of Sonam Kapoor and the execution of interiors, she is certainly open to experimentation. Her Delhi mansion flaunts the Scandinavian style interior design while her apartment in London is a beautiful example of Bohemian Interior Design elements. The studio also experiments with minimalistic design elements. All these styles are currently trending and all the elements can act as a guidebook for interior designers. However, along with experimentation, Sonam has managed to deliberately give an Indian touch in all her intimate spaces. This is something commendable and also sets the right example that no matter where you go, never forget your roots.

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The main bedroom—the dressing table is from Scarlet Splendour, while the chair was found at Reindeer Antiques. The ceiling light is from Nicholas Wells, London; the Tiffany shade was customized to match the red in the Manjit Bawa seen in the reflection. The large artwork is by Ram Kumar_© Simon Upton


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