Boho style has varying degrees and intensities within itself. There’s a true Boho style interiors where there’s just an explosion of colors and patterns and for the lack of a better word crowded or there’s a lot of stuff that’s put together and then there’s a Boho chic style that’s a little more subtle and a little more of a nod to the overall Boho style which is a little more dulled down.

1. Add textures | Boho Style Interiors

Boho spaces are always full of texture. What does it mean by adding texture? It basically can be any material that you enjoy touching while going shopping. Things that you enjoy touching are the things that are probably going to bring texture into your living space. 

Objects and things that are made out of different varieties of materials can make a space look and feel more engaging.

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2. Low-level seating

Boho spaces are all about relaxing, hanging out, kicking back, and having a good time. Low-level seating is really going to encourage that kind of behavior for relaxation and comfort. 

You can do so by adding floor pillows, bean bags, Moroccan style poufs, and ottomans, or even layering cozy rugs which invite people to sit on the floor. Not only low-level seating but you could also include some low-level coffee tables or low-level beds in the bedroom too.

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3. Keep it light | Boho Style Interiors

Lighter colors on furniture would be a much better backdrop for all the textures and patterns incorporated in the space. Dark furniture tends to be quite heavy in a Boho set.
They might be really elegant in a modern setting. 

But be sure to remember to have one or two small dark elements in the space which can help to complement the space well.

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4. Add plants

You definitely want to have plants if you’re going for a Boho look. Any Boho space you see is going to have plants. Plants add this beautiful jungle vibe and add life to your space. 

They also brighten the room, freshen the room and also add to the overall décor. It can be either potted or hanging plants. Plants also add another texture to your space.

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5. Lighting | Boho Style Interiors

You don’t want to stick to one simple overhead light. Go ahead and mix in a variety of different types of light sources. You can add in floor lamps, table lamps, lanterns, candles, string lights. 

Just try and create clusters of illuminations especially in conversation areas which creates a very laid-back Boho vibe.

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6. Rugs are life

If you want a Boho room, then one of the main elements you have to use is rugs. Especially vintage or Moroccan rugs are really going to add to that feeling. Layering rugs can also be cost-effective. 

You can put together two-three smaller rugs having different patterns instead of one big rug. You can also use jute rugs as a base and then layer it with smaller patterned rugs.

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7. Use of patterns

Patterns can be used sparingly or you can use a ton of patterns. Try to coordinate colors between these patterns so that it doesn’t look out of the place as a whole. Try using a particular color palette and then deriving at patterns that have those particular shades of colors. You should also make sure that your eye also has space to rest by not adding patterns in every corner of the room.

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8. Mix in vintage | Boho Style Interiors

You can try and look for some vintage furniture or elements to add to that vintage look for your space. 

Vintage objects are going to add some character into your space because they are warm and they tell us a story, that’s what Boho décor is all about – trying to tell a story.

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9. A pop of paint

This tip is not really necessary for a Boho look but it adds vibrancy and happiness to your space. Boho isn’t sterile, Boho is fun and light-hearted. You can add something like a brightly colored door or brightly colored furniture. 

Something that is bright and differs from the rest of the space and becomes a pop of interest to the room.

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10. Home fragrance matters too | Boho Style Interiors

One shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having a nice smelling home. It really does wonders to the way you and others feel when they are in your home. 

It is all a personal choice so you can go from wax melts, scented candles, incense to just spraying perfume all around the house. You would want to smell something beautiful in your space that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.

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11. Accessorize artistically

In Boho style, you’re allowed to allow your imagination to run wild and put all sorts of artistic items in this particular space. Go ahead, bring out all the exotic items that you’ve collected over the years when traveling and so on and display them in your space. 

  1. Add in some handcrafted accessories that are beautiful and unique to create a statement.
Accessorize artistically_© Ali

12. Metallics and Mirrors

Metallics and mirrors can be used in a space very well making it feel larger and brighter. Add bits of metal and mirror to create a beautiful modern Boho setting. 

Metals add a little bit of sparkle and mirrors add reflection to render the space aesthetic.

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Metallics and mirrors_© Ali

13. More is more 

Boho style has got the mentality of ‘more is more’ which is pretty opposite to the more common ‘less is more’. It is full of creativity and every place you look in a Boho-style room is super special and also has a story to tell. 

It feels lived-in and feels welcoming because every corner has something to do with creativity and aesthetics.

More is more_©, MaCenna

14. Natural wood and patterned tiles | Boho Style Interiors

As far as flooring is considered, you can make anything work. If you’ve got to choose then definitely wide wood hand scraped worn in wood flooring is recommended

In terms of tiling, you can experiment with different patterns of tiling like the hand-painted ones rather than using the simple ones. You can also use these tiles on the walls by placing them in weird ways.

Natural wood and patterned tiles_©, MItems you love

Try and surround yourself with things that spark joy. You would want to have things around that make you happy. This tip can go for any style because ideally you always want to be surrounded by things you love. 

Boho style takes time and it develops as you acquire things from your travel and all around the world which makes it feel global. That’s what makes you and the space feel diverse and interesting.

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Sanjitha Suresh is an architecture student from Bangalore, India. She is aiming to become an Architectural journalist through which she can spread knowledge about architecture and make it understandable even to the common man, rather than having it confined only within the field of architecture.