For this Platinum LEED-certified home in Carmel, Studio Schicketanz addressed the particular combination that tends to come with well-proportioned midcentury modern homes whose small kitchens and small number of bedrooms often prove a challenge for contemporary client needs.

Architect: Mary Ann Schicketanz
Country: United States

Carmel Mid-Century LEED By Studio Schicketanz - Sheet1

Carmel LEED Residence Fullez (3)

The studio modernized the house’s technological profile, adding photovoltaic power generation and drought-sensitive landscaping, and brightened the interiors to produce a space that feels the way it was meant to: open, airy, with deeply-thoughtful circulation and an emphasis on the simple power of materials.

Carmel LEED Residence Fullez (4)

Carmel LEED Residence Fullez (5)

Carmel LEED Residence Fullez (6)

Mary Ann Schicketanz

Studio Schicketanz was founded by Mary Ann Gabriele Schicketanz. Since its inception, her work has been sought after for Studio Schicketanz’ ability to weave together deeply philosophical approaches to landscape, architecture, and interior design with a focused emphasis on livability. A former dancer, Schicketanz holds a degree in architectural engineering. Her work has received praise for seamless integration into its surroundings; for her profound sensitivity to preserving the local landscape while also providing human shelter; and for her ecological and ethical commitments.


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