The Narrowest House In The World: Find Your Niche

Whatever claimed classics of Marxism-Leninism, that being determines consciousness, people, seriously devote himself to art, interpret this paradigm is exactly the opposite – in particular, the greatest poet of our time Iosif Brodsky claimed that his whole life is nothing but a blatant preaching Idealism. And then say – if they did not believe that the spirit is much more important than the flesh, they could hardly have created great works of art, not paying attention to domestic inconveniences. That is why the narrowest house in the world was created for a creative person, specifically, for a writer – however, everything in order.




The narrowest house in the world

It’s sad, but history knows too many examples of how poor composers, artists and poets were forced to huddle in attics and cellars, pasted the walls of their homes with old newspapers instead of wallpaper, washed down the crust of stale bread with tap water, and home The robe was replaced with a worn coat, as, for example, the great Russian writer Dostoevsky did, which today is considered the most vivid exponent of the impulses of the mysterious Slavic soul.




Perhaps it was precisely these messages that led the architect from Poland, Jacob Schensna, creating the project of this unusual house in Warsaw for the Israeli writer with the Polish roots of Etgar Keret – today it is the narrowest house in the world, since its maximum width is one hundred and twenty-two centimeters, and the minimum – seventy two.




In principle, such a width is quite enough to squeeze into it a stool for a skinny writing task – and everything else will follow, as it was customary to say not so long ago in certain circles. Nevertheless, even the narrowest house in the world possesses almost everything that is needed for the life and creativity of a not too capricious person – there is a living room, a stove and a combined bathroom , and on the second floor, which leads a small staircase – a desk for work and a single bed.




Of course, in fact everything is due to quite objective reasons: the narrowest house in the world was built where there was a free place for it, namely in a small gap between two fairly old buildings – but here, if desired, one could see some symbolism : It is very similar that the culture as it was somewhere on the outskirts of society, so to this time there and remained, and the settled expression “find your niche” has now acquired a very concrete meaning.

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