Here are the 10 amazing and creative staircase design ideas:

1. Bookcase Stairs in London

Designed by Levitate Architects. Due to limited space, the designers melded the idea of a staircase with their client’s desire for a library to form a ‘library staircase’ in which English oak stair treads and shelves are both completely lined with books.

10 Amazing and Creative Staircase Design Ideas - Bookcase Stairs in London
© Levitate Architects

2. Flat F.M.

Designed by Ecole, a studio led by Nicolas Simon & Max Turnheim. These floating stairs link the living room to the private space reserved for the owner under the rooftops. Photo by Xavier Lucas

The project consists of the full restructuration of the existing space as well as the conception of various elements of furniture. The first floor was extensively decompartmentalized in order to open up toward the entrance hall, the living room, and the kitchen. A space for guests, including bedroom and bathroom, was created on that same floor. A stairway links the living room to the private space reserved for the owner under the rooftops.

10 Amazing and Creative Staircase Design Ideas - Flat F.M.
© Nicolas Simon & Max Turnheim

3. Floating Stairs in C 51 House

Floating concrete stairs by Ábaton Arquitectura of Spain. As shown in the photos, the brutal concrete finish of the stairs is a striking contrast between the smooth surface of the white walls and the polished floor, which speaks volumes of the message intended by the architect.

10 Amazing and Creative Staircase Design Ideas - Floating Stairs in C 51 House
© Ábaton Arquitectura

4. M Loft Beds

Designed by nC2architecture. Two custom-designed loft beds carefully integrated into the bedrooms of an apartment in a converted industrial building. The alternate tread stair was designed to be a perfect union of functionality, structure, and form. With regard to functionality, the stair is comfortable, safe to climb, and spatially efficient; the open sides of the stair provide ample and well-placed grip locations. With regard to structure, the triangular geometry of the tread, riser, and stringer allows for the tread and riser to be securely and elegantly fastened to a single, central, very minimal stringer.

10 Amazing and Creative Staircase Design Ideas - M Loft Beds
© nC2architecture

5. Bird Nest Like Steel Stair Mesh at Villa La Roche

Designed by archiplein, a French architecture firm. Villa La Roche in Rochebaudin comes with a centerpiece staircase wrapped in an irregular steel mesh. According to the designers, the goal, here, is to sublimate qualities and the feelings already present on the spot. Photo by

10 Amazing and Creative Staircase Design Ideas - Bird Nest Like Steel Stair Mesh at Villa La Roche
© archiplein

6. Sensualscaping Stairs

When you’re drunk, these staircase designs will appear normal. Designed by Atmos Studio, the stair is a continuation and intensification of the simple graphic skirting board lines that trace their way through the house. As they turn the corner into the stair void, they expand like a genie released from a lamp, curling and separating and bifurcating from the wall to form the delicate edge of the stair treads, lifting into the air to rise as the veil of the balustrade.

10 Amazing and Creative Staircase Design Ideas - Sensualscaping Stairs
© Atmos Studio

7. Continuous Ribbon Stairs

Designed by the Architectural firm Schlosser + Partner, these steel cantilevered stairs that look like a ‘continuous’ ribbon of steel is located in northern Graz, Austria. Photo by Croce&Wir.

10 Amazing and Creative Staircase Design Ideas - Continuous Ribbon Stairs
© Schlosser + Partner

8. A Winding Spiral Stairs

Designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, this amazing ‘continuous’ staircase design is located in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia. Photo by Simon Norfolk for The New York Times.

 A Winding Spiral Stairs
© Simon Norfolk

9. Zig Zag Stairs

A zigzag stair in 72 Sentosa Cove House, Singapore by ONG&ONG. Photography by Derek Swalwell

 Zig Zag Stairs

10. TAF Stair

Located in Stockholm, Sweden. The stairs were designed in such a way due to space constrain in a small private residence. Designed by TAF Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom. Photo by Bobo Olsson, 2006.

This is a low budget project made out of stacked boxes of pine. The cut out between the ground floor and the attic was too narrow to construct a regular stair. We had to put each step angled to get the right amount and height of them. It is well-functional and exciting to walk cause of the extra steepness.

TAF Stair
© Bobo Olsson

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