Nursery Designed In The 1930s By A Well Known Artist in Lodz

The authorities of Lodz and the local Academy of Fine Arts decided to carry out a project that had been excavated after almost 90 years.

In the 1930s the Łódź artist Katarzyna Kobro created an abstract spatial model of the building. She wanted him to be in kindergarten. After almost 90 years the project was excavated and the authorities of Łódź and local APS decided to implement it. The architect of the city modernized the old design in such a way that the building complies with modern standards.


The city authorities are considering two variants of kindergarten: one-storey and two-storey.

According to the first part of the lecture rooms, the economic and teaching rooms would be underground – there would be no darkness, because the large-area glazing on the side of the pond would be filled with light. According to the second variant, the building would be much larger and most of the rooms would be upstairs.

The proper project will be selected jointly by the ASP management board at which the nursery will be built. The idea of ​​its construction met with the huge support of the boatman. Although to open his door for preschoolers still very far, there have already appeared inquiries about the number of places and recruitment.

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