What a wonderful project it was to bring out the best in a house with unique architecture from the modern era! The objective was twofold: to completely renovate the exterior and to transform the interior, making the most of open spaces that bring in natural light.

Studio Name: TERGOS Architecture
Building Team: TERGOS Construction
Area: 298 m2
Year: 2020
Location: Lévis, Québec, Canada
Photography Credits: Charles O’Hara photographe

Renovation JT Larochelle by TERGOS Architecture - Sheet2
©Charles O’Hara photographe

For the exterior, the work consisted mainly of replacing some metal siding and the roof, installing new doors and windows, and repointing the original brickwork. Some openings were enlarged, but always in keeping with the proportions of the architectural style. The client also took the opportunity to revise all the landscaping so as to create real outdoor living spaces.

Renovation JT Larochelle by TERGOS Architecture - Sheet3
©Charles O’Hara photographe

For the interior, a number of partitions were demolished to enlarge the space and offer open living areas. The kitchen was completely remodeled, and a large island for working and gathering was integrated. A storage unit was added in the centre of the house, creating a clearer and more functional entry.

Renovation JT Larochelle by TERGOS Architecture - Sheet7
©Charles O’Hara photographe

The bathrooms were also renovated and expanded. The staircase, with its unique design, was simply enhanced with the use of high-quality materials.

A beautiful example of sustainable renovation, highlighting modern architecture and inspired by current lifestyles.


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