This project was requested by BTS Properties, developer of real estate projects, for a plot located in the Sereno Valley, on the border between the cities of Nova Lima and Belo Horizonte.

Studio Name: Mutabile Architecture
Design Team: Gabriel Souza and Isabel Brant
Area: 29.120,00m²
Year: 2019
Location: Vale do Sereno, Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Vale do Sereno Building by Mutabile Architecture - Sheet3
©Mutabile Architecture

The Briefing requested maximum use of the area and parking slots, as well as open floors for renting, aiming tenants such as supermarkets and department stores. The surroundings have a high construction standard and strong competition from established shopping centers, such as BH Shopping and Serena Mall. The target audience is challenging, inhabits the most valued areas of these two municipalities and its main transportation method are cars. Thus, the accesses were designed to ease the entry of vehicles as much as possible, offering different routes and levels of entries and exits, as oppose to larger shopping malls. The site analysis brought conclusions that guided the architectural solution. We evaluated that there was a potential for commerce and services of high value and a lack of spaces for collective use in the region.

Vale do Sereno Building by Mutabile Architecture - Sheet4
©Mutabile Architecture

Therefore, the project seeks to exceed the competition by creating an architectural landmark in the landscape and also by making more flexible spaces through structural modulation, enabling different uses of commerce and services in the building. Both solutions mentioned above are emphasized by the 5-floor staggered tower, which verticalizes the building and creates large balconies facing the beautiful view of the region, which combines the urbanity of the skyline with the nature of the Serra do Curral mountains. In front of the tower, a large courtyard can be used for leisure, contemplation, events etc.

Vale do Sereno Building by Mutabile Architecture - Sheet6
©Mutabile Architecture

Thus, this project of 12 floors and 34,000m², presents itself as a visually daring solution, which stands out in the landscape and thrives on local potential, without losing sight of the structural logic and cost. This balance is essential for innovative and financially successful real estate ventures that draw their main strength from their spatial quality, which attracting visitors.



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