Zefiro A: a new NZEB building based on high sustainability in Catania, Sicily, IT, area with high seismic risk.

Project Name: Zefiro A
Studio Name: Base51

Zefiro A by Base51 - Sheet2

A design based on bioclimatic criteria and the use of sustainable and advanced dry systems with very high performance, allow the entire building to achieve the energy class NZEB, which is equivalent to zero consumption, with an independent production of more than 99% of the energy required for air conditioning use.

Zefiro A by Base51 - Sheet3

Two glass swimming pools located 54 meters high at the top roof garden level, act as liquid mass dampers, granting the entire building, together with only 4 steel pillars and reinforced fiber concrete with very high resistance, excellent strength to seismic stress and comfort to gusts of wind.

The large open foyer is characterized by a fountain with a transparent background, providing zenith light to the SPA area located at the lower common area.

Zefiro A by Base51 - Sheet5

Respectively on each floor there is a single apartment, totally customizable in its spatial organization and surrounded by a panoramic terrace.

The residential complex has a large common lounge and meeting area, with garden, SPA and a swimming pool with regulatory lane and Jacuzzi area.

The architecture is marked by an element of powerful plasticity in wood and perforated brass placed to protect the external staircase, bold and light steel cantilevered structure.


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