The IKON RESIDENCE building, located in Budrio, an Emilian town in the province of Bologna, is a building that with a double “C” plan develops symmetrically around a common courtyard which It’s accessible from an entrance hall on the south-west front.

lead architect: Rocco Valentini
collaborators: Arch. Serena Sciotti, Arch. Loriana Zanfrisco
Structural calculations: Eng. Giuliano Peverati
project part in masonry: Arch. Angelo Tutolo
Works management: Eng. Nicola Tutolo
construction company: EDILCOSTRUZIONI LAMBERTINI-Budrio

IKON RESIDENCE The steel tree By Rocco Valentini Architecture - Sheet1
©Rocco Valentini Architecture

The courtyard connects the private parking in front of the building to the staircase, which leads to the different living quarters through balconies overlooking the internal courtyard.

The project is characterized by a sculptural element positioned in the center of the courtyard, the steel tree, an object that, starting from the ground with tubular elements, freely intertwined with each other, evoking a trunk.

It is surmounted at the head by an inverted truncated pyramid roof with the function of rain protection and solar shielding.

IKON RESIDENCE The steel tree By Rocco Valentini Architecture - Sheet5
©Rocco Valentini Architecture

Inside the trunk formed by the intertwined steel tubes, the rainwater collected by the overturned truncated pyramid is conveyed and coming down, the rainwater, forms a dynamic waterfall.

The other architectural aspect that gives the complex uniqueness is the dialogue between the various materials used in the external finishes: bricks, aluminum frames and external ceramic coating that evokes cortén steel.

These materials generate a chromatic contrast with the white of the plaster, the balustrades and the tree, instead made of steel, and the covering of the same tree made with a waterproof synthetic PVC sheet.

At night, the central structure, illuminated by RGB LED lamps, takes on different colors to create different moods.

IKON RESIDENCE The steel tree By Rocco Valentini Architecture - Sheet7
©Rocco Valentini Architecture

In addition to highlighting the volumes and shapes of the building, these colors contrast with the windows of the fixtures, generating an elegant play of materials.

All these aspects have been conceived and designed to ensure that the entire architectural object blends with the built context and the surrounding landscape.

The central courtyard and the roof structure were designed by Rocco Valentini, with the collaboration of Eng. Giuliano Peverati and Arch. Serena Sciotti.

The architectural design of the masonry works was overseen by the studio of Arch. Tutolo Angelo of the Nicola Tutolo studio, who also carried out the role of Director of Works during the construction phase of the building.


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