The architectural concept of the village of Mirontsevo is not only about urban planning solutions for the picturesque area on the banks of the Istra reservoir. First of all, this village is about a community of active and successful people. A potential resident of the village is a member of the IT-community or employees of large technology companies.

Project Name: Mirontsevo village — a product of the creative development
Year: 2021 – 2022
Location: MO, Mirontsevo village
Area: 43 ha
Stages: Pre-project analysis / Architectural concept + Design documentation

Mirontsevo village — a product of the creative development By Bureau A4 - Sheet2
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The concept of the village includes entrepreneurial and self-government scenarios:  residents of Mirontsevo will be able to program the space and develop the public spaces, defining the functions for the given area, whether it is an eco-farm, a children’s club, or, for example, a family restaurant. Moreover, the residents will be able to open a small business on their territory, meeting the needs of neighboring, “ordinary” villages. Doing business will be both a privilege and a responsibility to the community.

The unique product was developed by Bureau A4 architects together with the customer, including a brand platform and a development strategy. After that, the architects reflected all the meanings in the house typologies and its public spaces.

Mirontsevo village — a product of the creative development By Bureau A4 - Sheet4
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Sergey Markov, partner of Bureau A4: “Before starting the planning, we conducted an in-depth pre-project analysis and compiled portraits of potential residents. For this product, it was important that each of the project participants take an entrepreneurial position, so that it was easier to understand people with an active life position, for whom Mirontsevo is designed.

Alexey Afonichkin, partner of Bureau A4: “Working on the creation of a fundamentally new product in suburban real estate was an exciting challenge. Today this market seems to be conservative and somewhat archaic. It was important for us to offer people not only square meters, but to promote a new format of life, create a community and convey our values, namely work-life balance, well-being, family time, respect for each other, an active natural lifestyle. We don’t design high blind fences, but create a transparent environment!”

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All social functions and public spaces of the village are integrated in the Green Ring to make the neighbors communicate with each other. The Ring is a circular area with several branches. A continuous walking route starts from the entrance group and the welcome square. The Green Ring reaches the water through a barbecue area and a small marina, connecting with an eco-trail along Istra.

The Green Ring is the very place where the village community is formed, a territory for communication and interaction between residents and guests of Mirontsevo. The residents of the village can develop or modify public spaces in Mirontsevo on their own for a variety of activities, including a landscaped street amphitheater for meetings, watching movies and performances; co-working for outdoor work; a pond with a bridge for recreation and fishing; children’s club with an open area; apple and cherry orchard. There is an organized private farm. Enterprising residents will be able to grow vegetables and root crops in greenhouses for their dinner or restaurant.

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The design area is located in close proximity to the big water. An eco-trail passes next to the water line leading to the beach, an untouched natural area with centuries-old pine trees. Many trees grow on the territory of the village, that is birch, aspen and poplar. All healthy trees were preserved by planning land plots.

Houses in the village are designed in a single modularity according to seven standard sizes. All units have terraces, and medium typologies have additional balconies. For the decoration are used only natural materials that correspond to the philosophy of the village — conscious consumption and respect for the environment.

On the one hand, a single natural theme is preserved, on the other hand, the building forms its own identity and looks diverse.


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