Choudhary residence is a contemporary styled villa in the urban area of Gurugram. The project is built atop vast 5274 Sq.Ft. of area. Following project is a creative process of ideas, technical solutions and harmonization with the needs of homeowners.

Project Name: Choudhary Residence
Office Name: Dream Space Architects & Interior Designers
Office Website:
Firm Location: Gurugram,Haryana, India
Completion Year: 2023
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 5274 ft2
Project Location: Gurugram,Haryana, India
Program / Use / Building Function: Personal Residence
Lead Architects: Ar. Ankur Tulsyan (Principal Architect)

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In particular, finding design ideas is the first step and is always aroused from the characteristics of the local culture, the unique points of the natural environment, Client requirements and Economical constraints. The inspiration for this villa also comes from the concept of creating space inside out with peripheries bleeding to lush landscape outdoors

Inside the house, the dominance of the landscape leads to a wide and sequential connection for the penetration of the surrounding nature, light, sound and air. The building transmutes into an open embrace for the whole surrounding world.

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Seamless indoor and outdoor concept is designed to create a healthy living environment, maximize air circulation, and minimize the use of artificial lighting and air conditioner, which also provide coziness.

The Design utilizes the given site contours to create a different spatial experience. Turns out these contours differences create a unique spatial experience in the pool area and pool deck. This house is located in a residential area but the traffic is quite crowded, so that the façade of the building is designed in a massive inward orientation box not only to increase the privacy of the residents of the house, but also attractive enough.

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A young family with busy lives in a big city, requires a residence that reflects their personality, but also can be a place to rest comfortably and quietly, to enjoy time with loved ones. Therefore, all areas gathered in this house can be connected to each other, with indoor and outdoor areas that are also integrated, so that family warmth can be felt in the house with the feel of being on vacation every day.


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