Located in the small coastal community of Seabright, Nova Scotia, this private residence, designed and built by Peter Braithwaite Studio, overlooks a picturesque lake and babbling brook. The panoramic living area provides a unique experience of prospect of nature and refuge from the harsh Nova Scotian climate.

Project Name: Seabright
Studio Name: Peter Braithwaite Studio
Project size: 1000 ft2
Site size: 13608 ft2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 1
Location: Seabright, Canada
Photography: Julian Parkinson, Peter Braithwaite

5055 Seabright by Peter Braithwaite Studio : Sheet 1
Interior View ©Julian Parkinson, Peter Braithwaite

The form articulates areas of privacy through the use of locally sourced Nova Scotian rough sawn hemlock. The vaulted living and kitchen areas nest between the two vertically clad bedrooms. The horizontal and vertical cladding articulates this relationship on the exterior of the building. Building upon Nova Scotia’s rich wood building culture, the modest 1000 sq.ft size of the house allows for the structure and roof to be built entirely of wood.

5055 Seabright by Peter Braithwaite Studio : Sheet 2.
Exterior View 1st ©Julian Parkinson, Peter Braithwaite

Planning the interior of the Seabright Residence was an exercise of efficiency and using light and sight lines to expand the space. The great room opens to the East with a window wall that faces the lake, flooding the dining and living areas with light in the morning.
Strategic West-facing clerestory windows wash the vaulted ceiling in the afternoon, providing additional lighting for the kitchen and washroom. A central hallway runs the full length of the house to maximize the efficiency of space and movement, like a spine that organizes the building’s interior.

5055 Seabright by Peter Braithwaite Studio : Sheet 3
Exterior View 2st ©Julian Parkinson, Peter Braithwaite

Lastly, the minimalistic finish strategy creates a bright and neutral gallery-like atmosphere that directs focus and frames exterior views. The end result being an efficient and compact space that is outwardly focused to nature.


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