A residential alteration for a young family needing additional space to grow. UPS alteration juxtaposes from its heritage context with a sleek asymmetrical volume, spliced and inserted into the existing roof line. The additional space provides a large bedroom suite with a defined connection to the lower level volumes through an open void, operable facade and bold staircase linking the two.

Project Name: UPS
Studio Name: Ply Architecture
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Photography: Sam Noonan
Project size: 45 m2
Site size: 278 m2
Project Budget: $250000
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2

UPS by Ply Architecture - Sheet1
Exterior View ©Sam Noonan

A series of skylights shaft light through the existing southern positioned interiors, whilst a strategic set out of fenestrations intentionally promotes natural light and visual connections inside.

UPS by Ply Architecture - Sheet2
Backyard ©Sam Noonan

As the front facade angles back to align with the existing roof geometry, a dynamic shroud extends beyond the facade line to emphasise the off axis form, whilst equally framing, diluting and screening particular site lines.

UPS by Ply Architecture - Sheet3
Bathroom ©Sam Noonan

A large cantilevered planter on the western facade adjoins a large operable window above to filter direct sunlight and provides a greenery outlook. As the flora matures, it will provide a soft aesthetic to offset the rigid form, blurring the connection from old to new. Overall, the alteration challenges the conventional approach of its surrounding context/


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