Leonardi Advogados is a law firm with a differentiated proposal. Responsible for dealing with data protection cases, digital law and new technologies, they are connected with all these new relationships. Thus, the office’s identity could not be traditional or conventional. The use of bright colors, transparency and individual and common spaces activates the innovation and directs the development of a new concept of workspace.

Project Name: Leonardi Advogados
Studio Name: Studio Dlux
Completed year: 2021
Built area: 180,00m2
Location: São Paulo, Paraíso
Photography: Hugo Chinaglia

Leonardi Advogados by Studio Dlux - Sheet1
Workstation ©Hugo Chinaglia

The project for the Leonardi Advogados office was developed in the midst of the pandemic.
Throughout the development of the proposal, we had long conversations about the flexibility and multiplicity of the new project.

This reality was previously unknown, but now becomes common and it is possible to
establish rotating, private and common rooms, formal and informal meetings, as well as
meeting spaces so normal in the advocacy scenario.

Leonardi Advogados by Studio Dlux - Sheet2
Rest room ©Hugo Chinaglia

The entire project was carried out considering this duality and the balance between the reserved and the common, with more modern materials and flashy colors, in correspondence to the visual identity.

In the entrance hall, there is a more open and receptive lounge for workshops and free
lessons, as well as living space for employees and customers. The private area is divided by
transparent frames and hollow lockers, controlling the flows and the privacy of the users.

Leonardi Advogados by Studio Dlux - Sheet3
Cabin ©Hugo Chinaglia

The office has two individual call rooms and a meeting room with modern equipment for
video conferencing. In addition, there are exclusive rooms for lawyers and another one
administrative. In an area more common to employees, there is a lounge with sofa, television and games.

The space fluidity combined with the colors and materiality evoke a younger, modern and
renewed image of law firms. Bearing in mind that the internet is a new space with laws and
rules to be well determined, the project is in line with this new universe.


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