Kolej-In, designed as an independent structure in TED Ankara College’s campus, serves as Graduates’ Association social center and it is placed in the campus’s south corner at the highest level of the topography.

Project Name: Kolej-IN Social Center
Studio Name: Uygur Architects
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Photography: Cemal Emden
Project size: 7871 m2
Completion date: 2012
Building levels: 3

Kolej-IN Social Center by Uygur Architects - Sheet1
Staircase View ©Cemal Emden

The building, which has a Central Anatolian vista stretching out to the West and the view of Lake Mogan in the South, incorporates its functions nested under a floating wooden roof. Some blocks occasionally protrude from the roof’s outline and reveal themselves.
As an important piece of the design, the pool appropriates the overall structure’s domain.

Kolej-IN Social Center by Uygur Architects - Sheet2
Exterior View ©Cemal Emden

All the other units of the building are both in visual and physical relations with the pool and the open spaces. The user can follow the physical and visual route between the inner and outer spaces; which mean the inside can be outside while the outside can join the inside.

Kolej-IN Social Center by Uygur Architects - Sheet3
Poolside ©Cemal Emden

The building is placed in a steep land and has its main entrance on the higher elevation. The user can find the spaces and the functions as a whole when accessed through the main entrance. The spaces embedded in the building’s transparency, create an easy perceptibility and relation with the vista; that sets the visitor free. The upper floor exhibits the overall integrity while the ground floor mixes functions with the user’s moves, and creates a relation with the green and the water.


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