Houses B was designed with House A. Rather than typical mirrored dwellings on the adjacent sites, the two houses respond to their east and west sites and are distinguished in both plan and elevation.

Project Name: House B
Studio Name: Sandy Anghie Architect
Location: Perth, Australia
Photography: Dion Robeson
Project size: 320 m2
Site size: 500 m2
Project Budget: $1300000
Completion date: 2015
Building Levels: 2

House B by Sandy Anghie Architect - Sheet1
Front View ©Dion Robeson

In particular, while the main living space is located at the rear for House A on the eastern site, it is located at the front for House B on the western site. This reversal of planning arrangements is reflected in the facades, with the solid and translucent horizontal banding hinting but not revealing what lies within.

House B by Sandy Anghie Architect - Sheet2
Kitchen+Dining ©Dion Robeson

House B is essentially “C” shaped, planned around a central courtyard – ensuring northern light, a garden outlook and cross ventilation for all interior spaces. The home has 2 distinct zones, living and bedrooms, connected by a spine running along the eastern boundary. The 2 zones of the home are articulated by ceiling height, proportion and light, creating spatial variation throughout.

House B by Sandy Anghie Architect - Sheet3
Outdoor Dining ©Dion Robeson

The neutral palette of materials (stone, quartz, teak and polished plaster) create spaces that are modern but feel warm and welcoming and provide an ideal backdrop for artworks, allowing the owner to add their own colour and personality.


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