This apartment renovation project in the east of Amsterdam involved transforming a former corporation building block from 1924 into a modern living space.

Project Name: Amsterdam Loft
Studio Name: ardor—studio
Location: Retiefstraat, Amsterdam
Gross floor area: 60m2
Photographer: Flaredepartment

Amsterdam Loft by ardor—studio-Sheet2

The attics were initially delivered in a “grey shell” state, devoid of any installation or finishing. Within this pre-renovated setting, a single brick bearing wall delineates the apartment, with the fir wood roof construction beams standing as the sole visible historical remnants, guiding the interior design.

Amsterdam Loft by ardor—studio-Sheet3

The design choices prioritized maximizing space, natural light, and comfort. Consequently, the apartment was kept as open as possible, contrasting with the small and cozy bedroom and office spaces. Additional floor space and daylight were achieved through the construction of a roof window and dormer, complementing the abundant windows that infuse the apartment with light throughout the day.

Amsterdam Loft by ardor—studio-Sheet5

Entering the apartment, a narrow yet tall corridor leads to the main living area. High oak-wood veneered doors and frames provide access to the bathroom and study, consistent with the style of the built-in wardrobe. Contrasting this aesthetic are the doors to utility rooms, which sport a white matte finish and are built taller from the floor, resembling cabinet doors.

The kitchen block, paired with a tall bookshelf, adds verticality to the space, along with a shallow, oak-veneered cabinet that combines book storage with kitchen functionality, blurring the distinction between kitchen and living areas.

Amsterdam Loft by ardor—studio-Sheet7

Towards the back of the apartment, a mezzanine featuring cupboards and stairs hangs from the roof and is supported by the bearing wall, creating a cozy bedroom space beneath the rooftop. This configuration allows the area to remain open and unobstructed, with a simple beamed ceiling enhancing the seating area’s coziness.

The bathroom is adorned with 60-year-old tiles sourced from a historic French factory, maintaining a spacious and light feel despite its modest size and accommodating various functionalities like a washer, dryer, vanity desk, storage, toilet, and shower.

Amsterdam Loft by ardor—studio-Sheet10

A restrained color and material palette imbue the apartment with a serene ambiance, with white walls reflecting changing daylight tones over the days and seasons. High-quality materials, fixtures, and installations ensure comfort and efficiency, earning the apartment an A+ energy label —the pinnacle of sustainability for renovated buildings.


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