In the rapidly evolving world of architecture and design, one technology is taking designing into a whole new level- Virtual Reality.

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The New Architects Designing the Future in Virtual Realms-Sheet2
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As the students stepped into the architecture studio at the prestigious university, it was like being transported into another dimension – one where physical boundaries ceased to exist. Long gone were the dusty drafting tables and bins overflowing with crumpled blueprints of years past. The centrepiece of this cutting-edge design playground? An immense virtual reality arena that seemed ripped from the pages of science fiction.  As the buzzing horde of caffeinated and creatively-charged students filed in, they excitedly donned the futuristic VR headsets that would serve as their gateway to boundless possibility. With just a few taps on their tablet controllers, the bland studio surrounding them dissolved away into thin air, replaced by photorealistic 3D environments that existed solely in the limitless expanse of the digital realm – intricate architectural spaces entirely born from their own imagination and skill. 

One star student, hailing from a bustling North American city, flashed a sly grin as their towering apartment complex design materialised around the astonished class at a perfect one-to-one scale. “Check this out,” they declared, voice brimming with pride, as they guided their 6-foot-tall avatar straight into the sprawling virtual lobby.

The others gasped in amazement as they found themselves utterly dwarfed by the industrial chic space, complete with soaring ceilings held aloft by curved steel beams and walls of exposed brick artfully exuding rich character. But this was merely the opening act. The student designer confidently led their gigantic virtual presence down the hall, throwing open doors with a theatrical flourish to reveal the luxurious amenities tucked away – a marble-lined pool area, a striking angled yoga studio, and even a cosy speakeasy-style lounge. With a playful smirk, they suddenly shrank the entire class down to the stature of 3-foot-tall children, prompting a new chorus of delighted laughter as they experienced the bold design from an entirely new perspective. Every subtle architectural element, from handrail heights to furniture proportions, took on fresh meaning and importance.

Meanwhile, across the virtual arena, a student from the sun-drenched vineyards of Southern Europe was narrating their stunning eco-villa concept to a riveted crowd. As the class strolled alongside the designer’s avatar through the light-filled, breezy courtyard, they called attention to the innovative use of sustainable materials and passive cooling techniques seamlessly woven throughout.  

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VR Painting _©billetto-editorial

When the renowned professor arrived, the atmosphere instantly sharpened as they launched into intensive critique mode. With a few skilled motions, they seamlessly pulled up a high-tech modelling stylus and began scrawling insightful feedback annotations directly onto the students’ 3D architectural models, pointing out areas of potential and opportunity with the same keen eye that propelled them to legendary status.

For the next few utterly mesmerising hours, the students were utterly swept up in a collaborative dream-space that transcended long standing limitations. International classmates bezelled in from remote corners of the globe to join them in VR, able to unite and interact in these shared virtual realms despite being oceans apart. Renowned guest architects periodically video-called in to provide engrossing virtual tours of their awe-inspiring, boundary-pushing projects.

And at any moment, with just a few taps of their controllers, the whole class could teleport themselves to any corner of the world they desired to study and draw inspiration from architectural landmarks and iconic cityscapes, all brought to stunningly realistic life in crisp, dizzying detail.

But one immortal constant still bound these ambitious architects of tomorrow to those who came before – the deep, driving, unrelenting creative spark that fuels the passion to design iconic spaces capable of inspiring and uplifting the human spirit in profound ways.

As the electrified students excitedly swapped images, anecdotes, and visions of their newly unveiled designs, they beamed with the knowledge that they were emerging into an unprecedented new age. Thanks to these powerful technological toolkits, their unbridled imagination and skills could soon manifest into boundary-shattering architectural marvels that would forever transform landscapes and skylines around the world.

When their transcendent simulation finally concluded for the day, the students remained awestruck, struggling to resolve the colossal generational gap in learning experiences between themselves and the architects of the past who had to rely on simple plastic model kits, grainy overhead projector slides, and the limited scale of a classwork desk.

The boundaries of what could be designed and built were obliterated. As this next generation embraced the breathtaking technologies taking root, they would dream up and construct masterpieces of form, functionality and philosophy that could elevate society to wondrous new heights. The world was finally their canvas, their materialised imagination would shape the global landscape for decades to come. The future had arrived and it was being sketched, moulded and virtually assembled by these new architects before our very eyes.


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Noorul Ameera, an architecture student, writer, and artist, enjoys learning about Classic architectural design. Her interests in art and travel intersect, demonstrating her constant commitment to exploring new viewpoints and learning about architectural legacy. Her passionate admiration for Malaysia motivates her to explore its cultural heritage of architecture.