The Courtyard House is illustrative, where we tried to reflect back into our traditional courtyard houses with modern intervention where the dialogue between the spaces and activities revolves around the courtyard, which we refer to as the heart of the house. The space is designed based on square form derived out of nine squares. The long central axis leads to the direct vision across the house from the gate allowing nature to flow inside. The elevation of the house strikes a modern & contemporary note in an urban milieu.

Project Name: The Courtyard House
Studio Name: Associated Architects Pvt. Ltd
Photography: Associated Architects Pvt. Ltd

The Courtyard House by Associated Architects Pvt. Ltd - Sheet1
Living Room ©Associated Architects Pvt. Ltd

The veranda leads you to a double-height vestibule linking the luxurious living space. The central courtyard also holds the function of an informal open-to-sky living area. This allows an adequate amount of light and ventilation to be entered in the house throughout the day which is designed keeping in mind the harsh hot climate of Ahmedabad.

The Courtyard House by Associated Architects Pvt. Ltd - Sheet2
Dining Space ©Associated Architects Pvt. Ltd

The plan results in two functional sectors; one houses the bedroom in the front & the guest’s bedroom facing the huge lawn, with ample gathering areas seeking a spatial connection. The kitchen area & the related spaces are in the southeast direction at the rare side of the plot. The attached dining opens up to the sky with an inverted funnel-shaped section at the centre extending its veranda, thereby allowing greenery to seep inside the house.

The Courtyard House by Associated Architects Pvt. Ltd - Sheet3
Bedroom ©Associated Architects Pvt. Ltd

When one comes on the first floor, the open bridge gives us a glimpse of the courtyard below establishing a visual connection. Also, the big skylight above adds up the feeling of openness. Three bedrooms, one home theatre, and a big lounge with an extended balcony on this floor. The courtyard makes the space more breathable allowing the light to penetrate inside the house; it becomes a relaxing space for some and a plays area for others.


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