Homes through the ages have reflected the styles of the era. From classical homes to contemporary homes, dwellings have seen a drastic change. Contemporary homes are functional and simple dwellings with a focus on structural concepts with open plans and large glazing walls. Contemporary style house respond to the site and create functional aesthetic spaces. 

We have listed a few of the best contemporary and modern homes to reminisce on breath-taking homes. 

1. Long horizontals house | Contemporary Style House

The house is Constructed by Thellend Fortin architectes. The house enhances beautiful views of the St. Lawrence river with unobstructed views. It is built on a steep slope with the house built along with the topography. The house is completely open and unfurls towards the river.

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet1
The Dining Room framing the beautiful St. Lawrence river_httpswww.archdaily.com905857long-horizontals-thellend-fortin-architectes


20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet2
Harmony in the exterior facade at the Long Horizontal house_httpswww.archdaily.com905857long-horizontals-thellend-fortin-architectes

2. House at Charlebois lake 

The house is envisioned by Paul Bernier, a Montreal-based architect. The house is located along with Lake Charlebois which is a famous tourist destination, towards the north of Montreal. The house exterior has contrasting materials of blackened timber and weathering steel. 

The L shape house is a double-storey house at the intersection of both, and single-storey in the rest. “The clients wanted most of the spaces of the house to be level with the land,” the architect said.

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet3
Close connection to the ground with small plinth_httpswww.dezeen.com20170819canadian-lake-house-lac-charlebois-paul-bernier-architecte-dark-wood-rusted-metal-quebec
20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet4
Open living concept with connection to the outdoors_httpswww.dezeen.com20170819canadian-lake-house-lac-charlebois-paul-bernier-architecte-dark-wood-rusted-metal-quebec

3. Estrade Residence | Contemporary Style House

The architects are MU architects. The design of the hose is singularly determined by the topography of the site. The house is harmonious with the environment. Long retaining walls made from stone, come from the ground and protect the apartment on the ground level.  The house allows for discoverability from one volume to the other. 

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet5
Levels of the house transforming with the topography of the site_httpswww.archdaily.com803508estrade-residence-mu-architecture
20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet6
Front facade of the house_httpswww.archdaily.com803508estrade-residence-mu-architecture

4. Casa Clara 

SAINZ Arquitectura is the architects of the project. Clara in Portuguese means clear, which is the perfect description of the house. The exterior and interior layout is clean and simple. The need of the client is a small and fast construction house and the house is thus made of the steel frame. Sunlight intake and cross ventilation are open. 

Walls are either solid, completely glass clear and a combination of both with jail work. There is a concrete block wall for privacy. 

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet7
Jali made for privacy at Casa Clara_httpswww.archdaily.com867297casa-clara-1-1-arquitetura-design58c9d658e58ecee2f60000fe-casa-clara-1-1-arquitetura-design-photo
20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet8
Simple and Clean exterior_httpswww.archdaily.com867297casa-clara-1-1-arquitetura-design58c9d658e58ecee2f60000fe-casa-clara-1-1-arquitetura-design-photo

5. The Glass East Hamptons House | Contemporary Style House

The house is located on the conserved lands of East Hamptons and was designed by Michael Haverland. The house consists of 2 rectilinear volumes and it is completely opaque and windowless in the front and luminously transparent in the back. A decorative textile block covers the façade of the villa.

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet9
Front Facade without any windows or openings_httpsmichaelhaverland.comprojecthouse-east-hampton
20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet10
Back side of the house with clear and open spaces_httpsmichaelhaverland.comprojecthouse-east-hampton

6. Island of Calm

Architect Dean Nota designed a work-live space for photographer Erhard Pfeiffer. The house is located in a Venice neighbourhood. The changes in heights and ceiling angles distinguish different spaces. Clerestory provides light in the common spaces. 

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet11
Front view of the house creating contrast with the surroundings. _httpswww.architecturaldigest.comgallerynota-slideshow
20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet12
Interior view_httpswww.architecturaldigest.comgallerynota-slideshow

7. A hilltop Dwelling

The house is located on the hilltops of Montecito, California. It is designed by the partnership of Architect Jack Lionel Warner and Los Angeles designer Barbara Barry. The house is an amalgamation of contemporary and traditional elements. 

The dwelling has elements from all around the world. The house is light-filled and has multiple terraces.

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet13
Cascading terraces_httpswww.architecturaldigest.comgallerygroup-slideshow-052005
20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet14
open spaces surrounded with nature_httpswww.architecturaldigest.comgallerygroup-slideshow-052005
views framed in the interior spaces_httpswww.architecturaldigest.comgallerygroup-slideshow-052005

8. The Glass House 

The house designed by Santambrogio in Milan is designed by the core values of simplicity. The firm designed all-glass structures with an attempt at being effortless and simple.  

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet16
View of the house surrounded by water _httpswww.santambrogiomilano.comthe-glass-house
Iteration of the house_httpswww.santambrogiomilano.comthe-glass-house

9. Big Timber Riverside house

The architect of the project is Hughesumbanhowar. The 2000-acre site provides shelter to a magnitude of trees. The house is embedded in a clearing within these trees. The views of the river and mountain ranges are essential to the design of the house. 

The house sits on stilts to protect from flooding. The house is a 2 storey T-shaped house with a light wood façade. 

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet18
House surrounded by water body_httpshomeworlddesign.combig-timber-riverside-house-montana-ranch-by-hughesumbanhowar-architects
House embedded between the trees of the site_httpshomeworlddesign.combig-timber-riverside-house-montana-ranch-by-hughesumbanhowar-architects

10. Maison de Verre | Contemporary Style House

The house was designed by Bernard Bijvoet, Pierre Chareau in the 1930s. The name of the house translates as the house of glass and was a milestone in the early modern and contemporary style of architecture. Contrast is achieved by using industrial materials in the traditional home layout. 

The house is a free plan space and spatial planning is customizable using sheets of glass and perforated metal. 

20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet20
Interior space with steel columns_httpswww.archdaily.com248077ad-classics-maison-de-verre-pierre-chareau-bernard-bijvoet
Exterior facade material_httpswww.archdaily.com248077ad-classics-maison-de-verre-pierre-chareau-bernard-bijvoet
20 Best Examples of Contemporary style house - Sheet22
Staircase at the Maison de Verre_httpswww.archdaily.com248077ad-classics-maison-de-verre-pierre-chareau-bernard-bijvoet
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