The Yards is a 232 unit multi-family apartment building in the Stockyards District of Kansas City. Authenticity to the Stockyards past and creative present was the driving force behind the design.

Project Name: The Yards
Studio Name: Kem Studio
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 5
Location: Kansas City, United States
Photography: Bob Greenspan

The Yards by Kem Studio - Sheet1
Living Area ©Bob Greenspan

The project’s 2-part massing speaks to the contrast of the traditional masonry construction of the adjacent Livestock Exchange Building while simultaneously addressing the more contemporary white metal façade of Helmut Jahns Kemper Arena.

The Yards by Kem Studio - Sheet2
Kitchen+Dining ©Bob Greenspan

Materials are honest and raw. Brick pavers salvaged from the area are incorporated to unify interior spaces with the open courtyard. A massive weathered steel feature wall in the Communal space is accented by sections of end-grain wood flooring, concrete, and exposed CMU walls.

The Yards by Kem Studio - Sheet3
Outdoor Seating ©Bob Greenspan

The Yards supports this district’s artist through the integration of art and architecture with curated local art and 60’ tall custom exterior installation, evoking the flow of pasture prairie grasses.


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