Spurred on by the clients’ love of the National Theatre and its use of shuttered concrete, BVDS wanted to give them a reference to this within their home, whilst still being original. The central spine wall became an exposed, shuttered concrete blade that sits between the existing corridor and middle room to open the space and make a feature seen throughout the whole ground floor.

Project Name: Bladerunner House
Studio Name: Bradley Van Der Straeten
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 1
Location: London, United Kingdom
Photography: French + Tye

Bladerunner House by Bradley Van Der Straeten - Sheet1
Kitchen+Dining ©French + Tye

In addition, concrete is referenced in the main kitchen space with the distinct concrete blades which baffle and diffuse the natural light from the large rooflight. This coupled with Maxlight sliding doors at the rear of the property improves the openness of the property and blurs the line between inside and out.

Bladerunner House by Bradley Van Der Straeten - Sheet2
Music space ©French + Tye

The whole of the ground floor plan has been transformed into a single open plan space. While a mix of double and hidden doors make it flexible and interconnected throughout, room zones are defined via level and material changes. The dining and kitchen area is tiled with charred black wood flooring, chosen to produce a striking backdrop for the terrazzo kitchen and island, which is connected with a matching terrazzo floor.

Bladerunner House by Bradley Van Der Straeten - Sheet3
Living Room ©French + Tye

The prominent red structural column highlights the clients’ love of Bauhaus creativity and primary colours. This home was inspired by the clients’ personality and distinct taste to come together in a fun, adventurous exploration of materiality.


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