A new home built around a century old 2-room cottage that used to belong to the clients’ mother.

Project Name: Parmelia Street House
Studio Name:
Philip Stejskal Architecture
Location: Fremantle, Australia
Photography: Bo Wong
Project size: 280 m2
Site size: 247 m2
Completion date: 2017
Building levels: 2

Parmelia Street House by Philip Stejskal Architecture - Sheet1
Dining Space ©Bo Wong

A brief to design a scaled up version of the original cottage as a rear extension. A professional commitment to avoid mimicry. A clients’ openness to exploring a contemporary re-interpretation.

Parmelia Street House by Philip Stejskal Architecture - Sheet2
Living Room ©Bo Wong

A prominent corner site with a well-used footpath. A towering Norfolk Pine. A clients’ desire to connect with a neighbourhood, yet without compromise to privacy. A requirement to design a climate-responsive home.

Parmelia Street House by Philip Stejskal Architecture - Sheet3
Kitchen ©Bo Wong

The resulting design hopes to echo as well as enter into playful dialogue with the existing cottage. It uses shutters and batten screens to mediate climate and the public interface. It employs rudimentary materials to hark back to the quintessential ‘beach shack’ And a colour palette that engages with context. Windows are located to stitch together inside and outside And to respect the privacy of others.


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