Inhabiting a newly subdivided block in a gum studded hills estate, this two storey house sets out to capture sunlight, air and sky views via a series of anchoring courtyards. Driving the footprint on the narrow north-south site is a large eastern court, positioned to maximise sky views, morning sun and passive solar heating to the rear living zone. Multiple connections on varying axes create strong yet meandering pathways throughout the unique floor plan.

Project Name: SKY
Studio Name:
Ply Architecture
Adelaide, Australia
Photography: Sam Noonan

SKY By Ply Architecture - Sheet1
Exterior View ©Sam Noonan

In section a bold roofline expresses inside and out to guide the spatial flow towards the northern upper level, complete with mezzanine overlooking the dining and kitchen. The northern balcony is connected to an open living area with views over a tree lined gorge.

SKY By Ply Architecture - Sheet2
Courtyard ©Sam Noonan

A blend of quirky and familiar, times and places, styles and forms, public and private, raw and refined, light and heavy, solid and void; the entire composition flows from front to rear without defined breaks. Spatial layering is achieved through splashes of saturation and texture, along with solid planes of feature hues and tone.

SKY By Ply Architecture - Sheet3
Bathroom ©Sam Noonan

Environmental principles include integrated photovoltaic panels, evacuated tube water heating, rainwater capture, controlled thermal mass and large openings for cross and stack ventilation along the entire length of the site. A testament to a strong bond between Client, architect and builder, a highly collaborative approach was embraced from inception to completion/


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