The Chez Vous project, in Moema – SP, stands out for its’ delicacy and subtlety. The young entrepreneurs couple came to TN Arquitetura with the desire of adding their personalities and opmizing the apartments spaces, making it more cozy and practical.

Project Name: Chez Vous
Project size: 235 m2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 1
Location: Moema, Brazil
Photography: Denilson Machado

Chez Vous by TN ARQUITETURA - Sheet1
Living Room+Kitchen ©Denilson Machado

Moema is a young and emerging area in the south zone of São Paulo, quite wooded, with big green areas and it is known for promoting quality of life and being in a great location.
The interior project carries all the qualities of the neighborhood and more: the spaces have different partitions, like a suspended shelf from floor to ceiling, that divides living room and kitchen, providing the optimization and permeability of the space. The living room, opens up to the balcony ins a living space with a beautiful view of the town.

Chez Vous by TN ARQUITETURA - Sheet2
Seating Area ©Denilson Machado

The furniture relates in a harmonic way with the environments. In the living room, the light colored sofa gives a amplitude sensation and the addition of colored cushions brings a “extroverted” touch. On the bedroom, the closet creates a division between the closet itself and the dormitory, setorizing it. Lastly, the artwork promoted by the curation of the gallery Sérgio Rodrigues, give a bigger touch of personality.

Chez Vous by TN ARQUITETURA - Sheet3
Living Room ©Denilson Machado

In general, the apartment had very little interventions, that were enough to make the environment more modern and pleasant. The colors used stand out: in the kitchen the blue takes place in the cabinets and walls that highlights and delimits the area, wich guarantees more special organization. In the bedroom the headboard wall is a rosé shade that transforms the room in a intimate and cozy place. It is a project that matches its’ neighborhood and reflects the young personality and busy life of the couple.


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