Marlborough Avenue is a traditional mid-terrace home with a public front and private back condition situated in the Broomhill Conservation Area of Glasgow. The area is characterised principally by its sandstone terraces and tenements.

Project Name: Marlborough Avenue
Firm Name: McGinlay Bell
Project size: 35 m2
Site size: 273 m2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 1
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Photography: Gillian Hayes

Marlborough Avenue by McGinlay Bell - Sheet1
Kitchen ©Gillian Hayes

The delivered project, at its most basic, comprises a new rear extension which reconfigures and unlocks how the whole ground floor is navigated and experienced, delivering a new heart to the home focused and designed around everyday family life.

Marlborough Avenue by McGinlay Bell - Sheet2
Outdoor Area ©Gillian Hayes

Conceptually as a new piece of architecture, the extension represents itself outside as a simple crafted bronze and walnut structure visually offering a ‘pavilion-like’ amenity to the south-facing garden.

Marlborough Avenue by McGinlay Bell - Sheet3
Dinning Area ©Gillian Hayes

The choice of a bronze finish refers to the autumnal tones and hues of the garden and also the predominantly sandstone context.


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