The existing building we were commissioned to redesign is from the 1970s, with a history as a private family home. Unfortunately, years of neglect and weathering left it dilapidated.

Project Name: Manor House
Studio Name: Alter & Company
Project Size: 220 m2
Project Budget: $450000
Completion Date: 2016
Location: Cuckfield, East Sussex, United Kingdom

©Alter & Company

The main ambition of this design was to create a dwelling that provides flexible spaces and that enables different generations to live under the same roof.

©Alter & Company

We approached the idea of adding any more with caution. Instead we designed a series of walled courtyard gardens, each of them accessible through various doors connecting them to the house.

©Alter & Company

Over time we hope that this project, this home, will be able to evolve to survive the life spans of many future occupants.


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