At first glance, the peculiar spatial arrangement of The River Oasis will impress any passerby. The project has multiple full-width sliding glass doors and balconies facing different directions that give the house a breathtaking panoramic view. This design decision is made based on the fact that the house has no adjacent buildings, and as a result, our client can enjoy the surrounding natural landscape in addition to the direct view of the Red River on the top floor.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Project Name: The River Oasis
Company Name: D&P Associates
Project Location: Ngoc Thuy Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Total Area: 700sqm
Completion Year: 2019
Photo Credits: Hiroyuki Oki

©Hiroyuki Oki

When a building is surrounded by nature, greenery, and sights, it must be in harmony with its surroundings. Therefore, we opted for a facade finishing with its colors and textures inspired by earth walls.

©Hiroyuki Oki

Next,  we give the canopy an attractive characteristic by creating a rectangle shape with a see-through wood grain-like texture. The sophisticated cut out pattern lets a certain amount of sunlight come through and glitter on the ground surface, creating a remarkable sight. This lighting experience changes according to the sun position and the time of the day.

©Hiroyuki Oki

Finally, the wooden doors, particularly the one in the mezzanine, are engraved with beautiful artwork, each of its own. Beyond its decorative purpose, the doors serve as a brief introduction with small openings where people can catch a glimpse of the space beyond. Besides, little adornments on the door showcase the residents, their hobbies, and their personalities.

©Hiroyuki Oki

To sum up, we consider a house not only as a place where our client lives but also a representation of who they are. In our design, we try to add depth to every, even the smallest design element. Thus as a whole, the occupant’s living experience will be significantly enriched and elevated.


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