Located in Sitla, Uttarakhand, the private residence project shoot was commissioned by VMZINC. Since the private residence is located in a serene but secluded location, we had to trek to the place while carrying all the photography equipment.

Project Name: Harnessing Natural Light In A Contemporary Beauty
Studio Name: Studio BluOra
Location: Sitla, Uttarakhand, India

©️Studio BluOra

The sloping terrain and the two-sided accessibility served as a major challenge. The brief was to focus on the zinc cladding and to highlight its quality of merging seamlessly with the architecture of the building.

©️Studio BluOra

In order to obtain the right angles that enhance the pure and honest portrayal of the project, a wide-angle lens (for the building panorama) and a telephoto lens (for detailed shots) were used. To maximize the use of constantly changing natural light owing to the clouds and wind, a trial shoot was done to understand the best sun angles.

©️Studio BluOra

Due to our complete dependency on natural light to showcase the natural colour of the product, the photoshoot was extended from 6 hours to 12 hours. Keeping in mind the contemporary architectural context of the project, careful attention was paid to frame angles that best showcase the design intent, highlight the zinc cladding, and emphasize the play of light with architecture. As architects turned photographers, this private residence shoot put to test not only our architectural knowledge but our patience and stamina as humans as well.


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