Designed for a youngowner, this apartment welcomes one with a calm, cozy and comfortable ambience. We are greeted by a stoic veneer paneled entrance door with a uniquely designed semi-circular wooden handle, into a spacious and beautifully lit living room housing a luxurious L-shaped sofa & a lounger. Complete with an artwork of gorgeously handsome peacocks perched on branches right upon entering the house, we know we are at home. Perfectly functional, yet with a right balance of colors and splashes of subtle extravagance, the journey of transforming the interiors was as beautiful as the final space itself.

Project Name: KP House
Studio Name: Shivam Bagdia Architects
Location: Pune

©️Shivam Bagdia Architects

The design, right from the onset, had a homogenous concept of having a lush look with the usage of veneer in the right kind of places that makes the space feel as rich as possible. The material is successful in striking a chord with the resident, since it oozes out a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

The hidden sliding panels, that separates the rest of the house from the living room has a series of veneered slats, mirrors and fabric to contain the noise as well as to add a surprise element in the living room. Situated geometrically across the artwork, the mirrors reflect the beauty twice as much. These hidden panels were essentially important for maintaining the privacy when required.

©️Shivam Bagdia Architects

The dining comprises of a wooden dining table with a comfortable seating. The lightly textured and subdued fabric colors accentuate the tabletop surface, further enhanced by pendant lights. A dash of art on the wall behind, with some green in it, brings life to the dining area. Aptly divided by a tall unit, the kitchen gets its own spaciousness and uncluttered look. Continuing the warm veneer finish for the cabinets with Moroccan backsplash wall and a dark colored quartz stone platform.

The uniformly veneer paneled corridor renders a welcoming character to the secluded parts of the apartment.  It leads one first into the guest bedroom that enhances this warm look further by introducing yellows and beiges over different surfaces. The highlight of the room is the local material khaki on the wardrobe panels complete with a rich brown frame. Adding rhythm to the traditional feel of interiors, are the beautiful Rajasthani vernacular architectural photos on the wall behind the bed.

©️Shivam Bagdia Architects

A Indian yet modern-looking double-door to the Master Bedroom, which brings forth a cool and calmly composed palette of materials. The teal colored wall behind the headboard and the fabricis very gently complimented by the veneer slats over the side tables, the king-size bed and paneling in front. The wardrobe panels are similarly designed with intricately detailed alternating veneer strips running the entire height of the panel,furnish a homogeneous appearance to the entire space. A minimal combination of colors, the bright interiors, the geometry and coupled with the supple look, is successful in rendering a very cozy and beautiful ambiance. Not to forget the corner window space, having a warm veneer paneling, offering a small reading space and a much-desired personal setting to this perfect essence!

©️Shivam Bagdia Architects

The entire apartment is bound by poise and gracefulness, using elements that have similar characteristics and a synchronicity. With a subtle rhythmin design elements, a soothing color palette consisting of a unique combination of warm and cool hues, a splash of varied artwork, the spaces are successful in creating a perfectly composed relaxing ambiance.

Shivam Bagdia Architects

Shivam Bagdia Architects (SBA) is a young dynamic firm that invests in quality design and fulfilling client requirements by adding a creative element to it. The firm has ongoing and completed architectural and interior design projects that range from residences, offices, commercial works as well as hospitality spaces. The proprietor, Ar. Shivam Bagdia graduated from P.I.A.D.S, Nagpur in 2014. With a thirst to explore more in the field of architecture and interiors, he worked with renowned architects in Pune, upon graduation.

He also worked with Ar. Deepak Guggari, VDGA for three and a half years and acquired a sense of multiple style designs with a creative and innovative combination of materials and their usage in a variety of spaces. He developed skills to play with forms and spaces and create interesting ambiance that reflect the character of the client, ideas of an architect and demands of the space itself. With a view to make a mark with his unique talent, Shivam established his independent practice venture in Nagpur city.


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