The interior and exterior design concept aims at a premium layout of the penthouse located in the Laguna Residence complex, in Bucharest.
The beneficiaries, a young family with two boys, wanted an arrangement in a classic contemporary style with a diaphanous ambience and as natural materials as possible. The internal compartmentation was completely redone, taking into account the requirements and needs of the current user, changing the floor plan of the space from 4 rooms to 5 rooms.

Project: Laguna Residence Penthouse
Design Team:  arch. Flavia Buscan
Area: 245 sqm
Year:  2022
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Consultants:  Hidro Top Construct
Photography Credits:  Stan Sebastian

Other Credits:
Custom made products:  Nolte Romania, Carmen Art Mob, Linia Projects, Mabi’s, Visioline, Kubic Vision, Theta, The Metal

Ready Made products: Viadurini, The Home, Norda Shop, Planet Wall, Mobexpert, Eco Smart Fire , Bizzotto

Textiles Perdele Design ( Lux Design K&A) , EverArt

Lighting fixtures: Eco-iluminat, Klus, TSB Electro Distribution, Luminarium, Luminam, The Home, Delta Studio

Finishes and features : Theda Mar, Maer, Piatra Online, TGG-Usi din lemn masiv, Windoor Land, PPG România – Vopseaua Oskar, Parchetarul Iscusit, Steliana Design – Giorgio Graesan , Silver Decor, Drag de lemn, Black Sea Suppliers, Senso Days, VonLorch, Nazurro Aqua, Odin Solutions, Exclusiv Design,Fototapet3D, Tv Lift Systems (Rotek), Maxdeco (Viefe), Dorelan, Doors System, Matmir Hvac Construct, Garden Arc Concept

Laguna Residence Penthouse by IN HOUSE DESIGN - Sheet4
©Stan Sebastian

The space benefits from a functional compartmentalization, clear separation between the day area and the night area with the help of a “U” shaped distribution hall.
The 3 spacious bedrooms are grouped on the West wing, and the office space is on the opposite side, the North-East side. The living room, consisting of the dining area, open kitchen and living room, is strategically designed on the South side, to benefit from natural light throughout the day.
The central element of the living area is the open kitchen, a set of furniture of approximately 7m opening fully equipped, with a work island that visually separates the kitchen area from the rest of the room. The composite furniture and worktop, both discreet and light in color, fade and take away the weight of the volume, resulting in an airy and well compartmentalized space, without visually burdening the living room.
Being lovers of noble materials and finishes, the beneficiaries wanted the presence of natural stone in as many areas of the house as possible. Thus, all 3 bathrooms were furnished with natural stone, taking into account slabs chosen from the category of marble, onyx and crystallites. The bathroom fittings were carefully selected from the top ranges of established manufacturers (Hansgrohe, Kludi, Villeroy&Boch,Geberit), with the help of which we were able to outline the premium air for each bathroom.

Laguna Residence Penthouse by IN HOUSE DESIGN - Sheet6
©Stan Sebastian

The first bathroom, the service bathroom, has sober notes, with natural stone mosaics and flagstones with gray and brown veins, molding itself to the typical of any guest who crosses its threshold. The bathroom fittings are black, harmonized in tone with the general color scheme of the bathroom. Slatted doors discreetly hide the washing machine, dryer and other household products.
The second bathroom, the master bathroom, is the star of the house, enjoying abundant natural light with the help of a specially created skylight above the double sink area. The wall cladding on the bathtub area is made with backlit translucent marble slabs, having a system of led strips behind them, with the possibility of changing the light to 7 different colors.
The last bathroom, the children’s bathroom, is designed in a playful way, combining 2 colors dear to the 2 boys who use it. The color is also closely related to the 2 crystalline stones chosen for the cladding of the walls and the sink/tub tops. For the toilet bowl area we used a ribbed matt painted mdf paneling to create an accent wall and to highlight the Calcite Caraibica slab, similar to a precious framed painting. We complemented the flooring with a light colored marble with subtle veins to create a chromatic balance.
Another area that enjoys a superb stone, Onix Iris, is the TV area, where we have inserted a bioethanol fireplace, completely embedded in the furniture and enhanced by this suspended furniture assembly.
To finish the walls, special decorative paints, Giorgio Graesan brand, were used in proportion to 80% of the total surface, offering a particular elegance in the treatment of wall finishes. For the rest of the walls and ceilings, special interior paint, the Total range from Oskar, was used.

Laguna Residence Penthouse by IN HOUSE DESIGN - Sheet7
©Stan Sebastian

The lighting fixtures complete the premium image with round shapes and warm lights. A pleasant and effective ambience is also created by the ambient LED strips in all spaces, with the beneficiary having at least 3 different scenarios for lighting in the bedrooms, living room or bathrooms.
The terrace is a natural extension of the living room with the help of windows on the entire height of the space. Thanks to the positioning, the beneficiaries can admire a wonderful sunset every evening, mirrored in Lake Tei. The focal point of the lounge area is EcoSmart Fire’s Mix Fire Bowls series bioethanol outdoor fireplace, made of white composite stone and decorated with black broken glass.
The house benefits from intelligent integrated systems, from automatic curtains and blinds, retractable pergolas, to shading systems or a lift system for lifting the TV from the furniture.
The matrimonial area is composed of a matrimonial bedroom of approximately 22 sqm, a walk-in dressing room of approximately 8 sqm, optimized on 3 sides and a generous matrimonial bathroom of ~6.5 sqm. The color scheme is warm, with accent walls marked by different textures or finishes.

Laguna Residence Penthouse by IN HOUSE DESIGN - Sheet9
©Stan Sebastian

The 2 boys’ bedrooms are each distinguished by their special furniture, specially designed for the needs and age of each sibling. The accent walls in the rooms are made with the help of a photo wallpaper that guides the general theme of the room.
The last room, with the office/guest bedroom function, completes the final image of the house, finding here also most of the materials used in the rest of the house – milled painted mdf, decorative paint, velvet and discreet metal accents.
The arrangement made, through every proposed detail, emphasizes the attention to details and the involvement of the team in shaping the perfect project for our beneficiaries.
The total area proposed for development amounts to approximately 245 sqm and the implementation of the project was completed in approximately 1 year.


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