Project for the Artea Foundation’s operational headquarters.

The premises are located in an early 20th century building in the centre of Cuneo.

Typology: Office Refurbishment
Location: Cuneo, Italy
Year: 2021
Client: Artea Foundation
Size: 240 sqm
Status: realized
Project: Studio 3Mark (arch. Michele Cassino arch. Manuela Rosso)
Photos: Oscar Bernelli

Operational headquarters Cuneo by Studio 3Mark - Sheet4
©Oscar Bernelli

As a result of subsequent interventions, these rooms had elements that were at odds with the architecture of the time, such as the eclectic-neoclassical friezes and stuccoes at the entrance.

Operational headquarters Cuneo by Studio 3Mark - Sheet7
©Oscar Bernelli

The intention was to bring the rooms back to their original spirit, removing all inappropriate elements to create a neutral, clean, white environment in which to insert a few important elements to emphasise the environment.

Operational headquarters Cuneo by Studio 3Mark - Sheet9
©Oscar Bernelli

A kind of art gallery, where walls display the photographic works already owned by Artea Foundation.


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