We were able to create a dream apartment in our 170-square-meter Heart of the Capital project. A young couple with two children came to the SIO architectural bureau. They have bought two apartments and have set the designers the task of creating a comfortable space with a large communal area for receiving relatives and friends.

Studio Name: SIO Architectural bureau
Design Team: Igor Sitkilov, Anastasiya Lamidova
Area: Russia
Year: 2020
Location: Moscow, Apartment in the “Heart of the capital”
Consultants: –
Photography Credits: Photos by Nik Rudenko

Apartment in Heart of the Capital by SIO Architectural bureau - Sheet2
©Nik Rudenko

The owners planned to set up the living room and kitchen in place of a small apartment with a view of the Moskva River embankment. The designers fully supported this decision, as it was the most logical. But the entrance to the living room was inconvenient, flush with the entrance to the apartment. It was decided to make the main entrance – the entrance from the side of the large apartment, and the “spare” entrance was hidden behind a portal with a stained-glass door.

Apartment in Heart of the Capital by SIO Architectural bureau - Sheet4
©Nik Rudenko

By combining the apartments we have been able to divide the volume into two separate, independent units. “In all our projects we always try to separate the common area and the private area as much as possible so that they don’t overlap.

©Nik Rudenko

This is our main criterion for creating a planning solution, especially when we are talking about a family with children. This apartment was no exception,” explains Anastasia Lamidova’s decision.


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