Snow Valley Resorts is a premier hotel in Shimla, offering 72 rooms with modern amenities and breath-taking views of the majestic mountains and pine trees. It is the largest centrally air-conditioned hotel in Shimla, providing guests with the finest hospitality and exceptional services.

Project Name: Snow Valley Resort
Studio Name: AND Studio

Snow Valley Resort by AND Studio - Sheet3
©AND Studio

The hotel’s prime location on NH-22 at Ghora Chowki, surrounded by serene green pine forests, makes it one of the top holiday accommodations in the region. Enjoy a relaxing stay in this elegant luxury mountainside hotel, basked in warm sunshine during the day. The tastefully designed rooms feature local touches, with wooden floors, rich colors, plush furnishings, and the option of stunning views.

Snow Valley Resort by AND Studio - Sheet5
©AND Studio

Nestled in a mountainous region, this interior design incorporates wooden elements that infuse a sense of coziness and comfort to the space. The furnishings feature lively pops of color, making the area inviting and cheerful, ideal for a tranquil and enjoyable vacation.

Snow Valley Resort by AND Studio - Sheet6
©AND Studio

The materials have been thoughtfully chosen with the surroundings in mind, creating an appealing ambiance for guests. With a focus on elevating the user’s experience and enhancing the luxuriousness, the color palette and textures take center stage in this hotel.


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