Tadeo 4909 is an apartment building located in a growing area in the city of San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. Its main objective is to offer an urban, expressive and unique home.

Category Dwelling
Built surface 902.65 m2
Client Investor
Status Built
Year 2013-2015
Project directors Diego Vilatela, Angel Valerio
Architecture Olivia Gil, Andrés Miranda
Engineering Nabla Ingeniería
Construction Javier Flores
Marketing Ana Montes, Guadalupe Tlatelpa
Photography Patrick Lopez Jaimes

Tadeo By Proyecto Cafeina - Sheet4
©Patrick Lopez Jaimes

The location of the building is in a highly saturated area in terms of architecture, textures and colors, so it was decided to create a design that would represent order among the chaos of the area, and stand out for its unique design and facade.

For the facade, screens of different types were used: white, satin and transparent. This resulted in a design that brings dynamism and allows natural light to enter the interiors. At the same time, the necessary privacy that each space needs is maintained. Inside the apartments, apparent materials were used which provide a warm industrial feeling, such as concrete and brick. Due to the rough texture of these, a contrast is obtained with the transparency of the glass facade of the building.

Tadeo By Proyecto Cafeina - Sheet7
©Patrick Lopez Jaimes

Another of the main objectives was to provide proactive and playful spaces. Closets and kitchens were designed and built exclusively for this project, to achieve its own identity. In the same way, a custom design was used for the plumbing, extractor hoods and lighting inside the kitchen. Together, these design decisions create a unique user experience.

©Patrick Lopez Jaimes

Tadeo 4909 is a building that seeks to break conventional paradigms through innovation and creation of spaces.


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