The Zanzibar hotel resort is a 17000 sqm luxury hospitality project, located in the northern coastline of Zanzibar Island. The inspiration for the project stemmed from the analysis and interpretation of local traditional elements- such as the old sales of the fisherman’s boats, together with the unique underwater creatures and fauna.

Project Name: Zanzibar beach Resort
Architecture Firm: Moshe Katz Architect
Firm Location: Israel
Gross Built Area: 17000 sqm
Project location: Zanzibar Island.
Lead Architects: Moshe Katz Architect

Zanzibar beach Resort By Moshe Katz Architect - Sheet2
©Moshe Katz Architect

The sea star became the complexe’s building-development on site, the façade textures and materials imitating the skin of some sea creatures with a play of light and color. The hotel with its suite rooms, is designed based on a central point of attraction, the public space, and pools- opening and stretching towards the sea- where a floating bar/restaurant is placed.

Zanzibar beach Resort By Moshe Katz Architect - Sheet3
©Moshe Katz Architect

Each building has its own dynamic “sail” – a shade skin structure filtering the sun, creating different light effects in the rooms, open spaces, and walls of the buildings. Around the built complex, in its open areas- a variety of gardens and open-air activities are designed to form a green “belt” to connect the whole site to its natural borders.

©Moshe Katz Architect

The hotel offers day and night activities, an innovative, mixed use hotel resort that emphasizes the connection to its local natural conditions and language.


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