The “Eternal Bloom” eco city project in Varna, Bulgaria is a smart/ green city designed on a mountaintop in front of Varna’s golden beaches and infinite horizon. It’s a 200,000 sqm project that offers innovative solutions for residence, hospitality, and sports events all year long. Such a city, in its strategic location, visible from a great distance, would symbolize the true beauty of the place.

Project Name: “Eternal Bloom” eco- city, Varna
Architecture Firm: Moshe Katz Architect
Firm Location: Israel
Gross Built Area: 200,000 sqm
Project location: Varna, Bulgaria.
Lead Architects: Moshe Katz Architect

"Eternal Bloom" eco- city, Varna By Moshe Katz Architect - Sheet2
©Moshe Katz Architect

The Design Concept is based on the research of the local fauna, flowers, and natural treasures, “freezing” them almost in their best moment- in their bloom! That’s where the highest potential and beauty of a flower is shown- so the architecture and the structure- by interpreting the motion, colors, textures of the blooming vegetation, become a dynamic architecture in bloom. The structures open up towards the sky, as if catching the sunlight, like every flower would. The vivid colors of the buildings, the dynamic design- are all meant to introduce the language of Varna’s nature.

"Eternal Bloom" eco- city, Varna By Moshe Katz Architect - Sheet3
©Moshe Katz Architect

In its center, the city is developed around a main Lake (water square) with different rivers connecting all parts of the city, due to public pathways with panoramic views. In the center of the lake- floating public buildings are designed to bring a new quality, connecting it to nature, reflecting the light and water into its spaces.

All recreational, sport activities are placed inside 3 main glass domes, allowing it to function all year long. Hotel and office buildings become vertical references, seen from afar, together with the small residential villas with their curved line roofs, are all “speaking” the same language of natural lines.

©Moshe Katz Architect

It’s an eco-smart city, with renewable energy infrastructure, electric transportations, reuse of rainwater, a low-speed zone and a big mass of gardens, parks, and green areas.


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