The goal of this project was to revert a subdivided 1920’s Craftsman bungalow back into a single family home. The program also included a main level primary suite and the addition of a second story including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a loft area. The project also included providing interior access to a finished terrace level to be used as a recreational space. We believe renovation is the ultimate form of recycling.

Studio Name: Ross Design Architects
Area:  Atlanta, Georgia
Year: 2019
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Consultants: Koblasz & Kennison Engineering, P.C.

Midtown Atlanta Bungalow by Ross Design Architects - Sheet5
©Ross Design Architects

Firm Philosophy

Architectural design should enhance and benefit the lives of the ultimate users. While a project may be a beautiful artistic statement, it fails if it doesn’t meet that  goal. At Ross Design we also believe that renovation projects should maintain and enhance the neighborhood character.

As we go through the day, we tend to follow a fairly set pattern of activity. Ross Design takes a holistic approach to design and is committed to creating living environments that reinforce and enhance those patterns. Correcting the areas that create disruption and seeing if good patterns can be improved upon. In most instances there should be a conscientious connection to the exterior environment to maintain privacy and views.

Midtown Atlanta Bungalow by Ross Design Architects - Sheet6
©Ross Design Architects

One of the most effective ways to reinforce these patterns and connections is through the manipulation of natural light and spatial volumes. These can emphasize the private or public nature of spaces, frequently focusing on the transition zones between spaces. Another method is through the careful placement of openings to create a strong connection between the interior and exterior spaces. while maintaining views and privacy.

Midtown Atlanta Bungalow by Ross Design Architects - Sheet9
©Ross Design Architects

We look at projects not as two-dimensional functional diagrams, but as three-dimensional spaces to be experienced. Outstanding architecture demands more than the ability to create beautiful drawings. It requires an extensive understanding of what makes quality craftsmanship and responsible construction management. Our experience is what we bring to the journey.


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