Before the intervention the property consisted of two pre-existing ruins, with the project’s goal being the transformation of these two constructions into a single family house.

Project Name: Campo Lindo House
Construction / Real estate: AZU (
Photo: Ivo Tavares Studio (
Lighting production: Opolab (, Softlight (
Window door production: Pedro Freitas Alumínios
Engineering Project: Rodolfo Ferreira
Architecture Project: Ren Ito Arq. (
Collaborators: Sofia Augusto, Bernardo Faria, Rita Gomes, , Margarida Marques , Elodie Marimba, Liana Arpinte, Manuela Maggipinto, Gayané Djeranian, Ondřej Čáp, Rintaro Yamashita, Jan Binter, Silvia Snopková, Urban Vamberger, Michalina Urbanska, Emanuele Cicero

Campo Lindo House by Ren Ito Arq - Sheet4
©Ivo Tavares Studio

To achieve this the two buildings were linked in “L” shaped-volume, which created a private exterior space were a swimming pool was constructed. This space is a very important part of the overall design, with most rooms of the house having large openings turned to it.

Campo Lindo House by Ren Ito Arq - Sheet7
©Ivo Tavares Studio

The common and private spaces are separated by different volumes, remnants of the original constructions, taking the outside definition of the volumes to design of the interior space. The common areas (kitchen, living room, gym and multipurpose room) are located in a single-floor open space and the private areas (bedrooms and bathrooms) are located in a three floors volume.

Campo Lindo House by Ren Ito Arq - Sheet9
©Ivo Tavares Studio

The common space room was designed with the idea of “umbrellas”, with each space softly limited by the roof separation even though they are part of an open space plan. The lighting is done in an indirect way, with the light source located in the umbrella structure, which reinforces the idea of separation of space and conveys a sense of well-being.


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