The Plattnerhof is a typical mountain farmstead, in which the agricultural and residential use are under the same roof. Stacked on three floors, the functions interlock as needed. The project provides two sepparated appartments which can be used as well as one unit.

Studio Name: Philipp Kammerer Architekt
Location: Schalders – Italy
Photography Credits: Fotos token by the Architect

PLATTNERHOF By Philipp Kammerer Architekt - Sheet2
©Philipp Kammerer Architekt

The ancient building was preserved and adapted to modern living needs. There were no installations in the house apart from electricity.

An important concern in the design was to consider a longer-term use of the house. It should work as a large apartment as well as two separate units to cope with the different life situations.

PLATTNERHOF By Philipp Kammerer Architekt - Sheet4
©Philipp Kammerer Architekt

The space was divided by a centrally placed wooden box which holds the new staircase. The new wooden box acts as dividing and unifiying element between the two units. Over a skylight daylight is led into the dark middle zone.

The old building with its typical very small spaces stands in contrast to the spacious rooms of the former barn. The interweaving of the small-scale living areas with the generous agricultural uses creates interessting situations in the interior. On the west side of the house, a underground structure was added. In it are technical room and wood storage. The roof of the technical room also forms a terrace for the new apartment.

©Philipp Kammerer Architekt

During the restauration, care was taken to use only a few targeted materials. The old stock was extensively restored. The new installations are mainly made of wood. The facade of the house was left as well and the large openings were provided with new insulating glazing made of larch wood. The soils with their chopped irregular surface were divided in the middle and reused on the upper floor.


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