The brief was to create an occasionally living for a young man who, thanks to his job, has a very irregular regime and travels a lot. The apartment was in its original layout divided into two separate walk-through rooms. Since the flat was newly reconstructed by the developer into this form, we have decided that it makes no sense to venture into any major dispositional changes consisting in breaking down the partition wall. So we worked on the basis of the existing layout.

Project Name: Men´s lair
Studio Name:
Boq architekti
Project size: 36 m2
Completion date: 2016
Location: Prague, Czechia
Photography: Tomas Dittrich

men´s lair by boq architekti - Sheet1
Living Room ©Tomas Dittrich

Despite the relatively small dimensions, we designed a kitchen islet as a centerpiece of the whole space. It offers space for cooking, dining, meeting friends. The seating is solved by raised bar chairs. When cooking, the client is facing the room, looks out the window and does not have to turn his guests back.

men´s lair by boq architekti - Sheet2
View from bedroom ©Tomas Dittrich

In the second room, there is a living room with a bedroom. Since the client has a very irregular regime, which does not take care at day/night time, we decided to divide this room with sliding panels and to separate the sleeping area if necessary from the living area to ensure rest and relaxation during the day without having a major impact on his partner’s regime. This partition wall is glazed in one piece so that if the client wishes, the morning sun can get into the bedroom. Otherwise, the windows are equipped with dark-colored blinds of dark color.

men´s lair by boq architekti - Sheet3
Kitchen ©Tomas Dittrich

There is a wardrobe in the bedroom and there is a storage space for the bedding behind the bed. The workstation is designed by the window, it is a simple table set with a low drawer that “is laid” on the cabinet. The living room is featured by a simple gray sofa and a coffee table. At the level of the partition wall, the projection screen with back-projection is considered to ensure the possibility of watching movies from both the living room and the bedroom.


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