What started as a smaller revamp project turned into a full renovation of this residence on Vaucluse’s Parsley Bay.

Project Name: Parsley Bay Residence
Studio Name: Brooke Aitken Design
Completion date: 2018
Location: Sydney, Australia
Photography: Prue Ruscoe

Parsley Bay Residence by Brooke Aitken Design - Sheet1
Dining Space+Living Room ©Prue Ruscoe

With elegant soft minimalism, Brooke Aitken Design has rejuvenated the existing fragmented plan, reconnecting the spaces to each other and to the glistening harbour view.

Parsley Bay Residence by Brooke Aitken Design - Sheet2
Fireplace ©Prue Ruscoe

This photo shoot was produced for Belle Magazine and styled by Jean Wright but has been paid for by Brooke Aitken Design.

Parsley Bay Residence by Brooke Aitken Design - Sheet3
Bedroom ©Prue Ruscoe



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