In a residential area and with a privileged view to a green area, the project was requested in an apartment that would become the home of a young couple. Newlyweds, the fashion designer and the entrepreneur wanted an environment that would bring them closer to friends and a future family.

Project Name: Apartament B P
Studio Name:
Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 1
Location: Curitiba, Brazil
Photography: Eduardo Macarios

Apartament B P by Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura - Sheet1
Dining Space ©Eduardo Macarios

The Project had the focus turned to the integration of the social areas, forming a continuous space of coexistence and proximity. Initially, the apartment underwent reforms, had your old parquet floor in noble wood restored and the layout was adequate to meet the needs of the couple.

The living room, dining and bar-grill environments are related through contemporary style, present in signed design furniture, joinery, material selection and arrangement with items of affective value to residents. The green hall is responsible for transmitting the first comfort feeling of the apartment, extending to the toilet, which incorporates African flowers in the wallpaper, giving a touch of warmth to the environment.

Apartament B P by Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura - Sheet2
Dining Space ©Eduardo Macarios

The TV panel made of joinery and covered with a natural Tauri Wood blade, stands out for the slatted texture of the furniture and correlates with the dining room through a counter made of the same material, which associates the spaces.

As Curitiba is a city that presents low temperatures in winter, the Marble Michelangelo Nuvolato fireplace provides warmth on cold days and the furnitures signed design, with emphasis on the cognac leather chairs, gives the room a personal and comfort touch.
The bar-grill is visually connected to the environment by the counter and wall covering, both in Marble Michelangelo Nuvolato, which gives the ideal elegance to receive guests for drinks and snacks.

Apartament B P by Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura - Sheet3
Bedroom ©Eduardo Macarios

Besides the social area, the intimate area also received changes, attaching the environment adjacent to the couple’s suite as a current closet, where the panel with niches of TV was designed incorporating the closet door to the ensemble, creating a unique and discreet design for access.

In the project as a whole, wood is present as essential in transmitting the feeling of comfort of a home and the design pieces complete the environments as points of warmth and sophistication, reflecting the identity of the young couple.


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