An elegant downtown condo creates seamless continuity between living spaces and cutting edge art. The stellar views from the as-yet unbuilt condo were never in doubt. But it was equally important that the unit be a showcase for the owners’ contemporary art collection as well as a comfortable home, one where they could relax at the end of a hectic day.

Project Name: Yorkville Condo
Studio Name: Roundabout Studio
Project Size: 4200 ft2
Completion Date: 2019
Building Levels: 2
Location: Toronto, Canada
Photography: Shai Gil

©Shai Gil

Two units were combined into one 4,200 square foot unit, meaning that the design of the condo had to be highly-customized. In a space with extensive windows, part of the challenge was to create opportunities for the art to be seen, as well as design a series of private and semi-private spaces.

©Shai Gil

The project required an exacting attention to detail, everything from the design of the space itself down to the choice and placement of furniture and soft finishes. When the right furniture piece could not be found, Roundabout created a trio of highly custom resin and walnut coffee tables in teal and smoke specifically for the formal living room.

©Shai Gil

The end result was an elegant, contemporary home, one where every element contributed to a cohesive and highly-curated space.


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