This residential project had ample of area to work with and the client wanted Modern, Ethnic and some Rustic approach. So, we had a challenge to balance the entire look while blending it from space to space. The house spreads over in its linearity and to break the monotony we staggered the central corridor to create open spaces as per the required ambience.

Project Name: Sibal’s Residence
Architect and Interior Designer: Ar. Esha Dargan
Location: Nagpur, India
Area: 7,500 Sq. Ft

©Ar. Esha Dargan

Contemporary Materials along with antique restored doors and windows were used as the design concept for furniture in the Party Hall. The walls were also designed to give vintage effect with shades and peeling-off texture. Flooring is a combination of wooden and designer tiles complimenting the furniture and the ceiling. The Floor length chandelier acts as a design element merging well in the surroundings.

©Ar. Esha Dargan

The entire house was designed with big windows and light colored floors along with textured walls with Italian and exposed brick cladding. A water body and vertical garden were also added to give it a tranquil and soothing ambiance. The kitchen was designed in a way to strike a balance between utility and appearance. A new palette of colours was introduced in such a way that it did not compromise with the elegance and design aesthetics.

©Ar. Esha Dargan

To attain maximum utilization of the space, the bedrooms and living spaces were made to satisfy user’s individuality through design and technical concept whilst also blending the ambience together. The concept of the master bedroom was Royal with a modern twist. The color pallets used were subdued while the furnishings were finished with a touch of gold. The Son’s Bedroom was composed to give a feel of bachelor’s pad designed using rustic veneer, 3d design boards, glass partitions and was completed in dark color pallet.

©Ar. Esha Dargan

Pooja room was designed as a meditative space which also captures the ethnic warmth of our religion. The recreational spaces of the house like family room, bar and home theater were designed with an informal and unconventional approach acting as multipurpose spaces. The Residential project was converted into habitable space in a span of 12 months which included designing and execution works.


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